I now have a donate button

I finally have a donate button. Also I’m only working the slitaz source dvd right now. I sadly don’t have time for archiso-live anymore. I also know i can never make archlinux source iso since it would be like about or over 25gb. Even if it was recompress as .tar.lzma.

I hope to have slitaz source iso out later this week but that is not in stone. It takes alot of work making full source dvd for offline usage and to make it into livedvd server for local lan too. Here is what i’m working on now a days:

my-cookutils: The more powerfull fork of cookutils for slitaz source dvd.

Slitaz-modular scripts for build livecd like archiso-live scripts did:

I hope this helps explain what i’m doing now.


~ by godane on June 2, 2011.

5 Responses to “I now have a donate button”

  1. Sorry to learn that ‘archiso-live’ is dead. It is a pity. For me and a lot of linux users.

    Hope one day you will change your mind.

  2. Any chance you will be updating the slitaz godane version live CD at some stage? I read slitaz has some recent changes.

  3. Brother, download links of your project is not working.
    Please fix it 🙂
    I much love your project,

  4. Hi Mr. Godane:

    I came across your site after looking for an Arch Live CD. I downloded archlive.iso, I am able to boot into it, where is the install program? I want to install it on my laptop. Can I upgrade arch Linux upon install.


  5. There are varied options available to be implemented if one is not working. This is well proved by you. So, I would like to know more on updation of your project.

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