Time flys when working on mirror iso

As the suggests i been working on a mirror iso. I have been doing this iso and also working on slitaz wok for the past mouth and a half. Sorry for not reply lately.

This mirror iso for slitaz is going to be mirror of tank for local lan. The idea is for a off-line resource for developers that may have low bandwidth caps. It will also allow for a local slitaz repo packages and src mirror for local lan and maybe boot with epxe if done right.

Most of my problem is that i can’t get the address out to the local lan right at the moment. I may have to use bind’s named command to get this done. Info on doing your own dns here.

I also would like to add lot of documentation in packages to slitaz repos so i can make local lan websites out of them maybe.  I have done this to the linux from scratch html docs for slitaz so far.

I hope this helps with what want to know i’m doing. I do plan on releasing small slitaz mirror iso for you guys to see what it can do soon.


~ by godane on March 23, 2011.

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