Got a new quad core computer

I finally got a new quad core computer. Be playing with it for a week and half now. This will allow me to make slitaz sources dvd now. You can look at what i got here. I got when it was $450.

But here is the new slitaz packages and sources i have been building:

Packages here below:

Sources here below:

I hope enjoy this until i release another slitaz iso this week.


~ by godane on February 20, 2011.

5 Responses to “Got a new quad core computer”

  1. That was cheap. It’d cost around $900 for the same configuration in India now.

  2. Hummm, not getting much in the way of specs from that Staples link here (could be the page has altered?), but four cores must be better than one right? Certainly sounds better than a Celeron. Is the forthcoming iso going to fit on a CD? Hope so.

  3. Any life in there? Just curious. It has been a while.

  4. Thisi 4 core pc high spreed CPU. It is best than other CPU

  5. Cool 😀 couldnt view the spec page but 4 core is nice 😀

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