I got a celeron-d running

I have a celeron-d dell desktop running now. (Thanks to Fred Potter, who since it to me.) This means i can at least make slitaz iso and updates to slitaz.This is only cause slitaz is better on a celeron-d with 512mb of ram.

Since archiso-live had 4 months break between the last 2 releases this shouldn’t cause much of a problem.  I hope to have a new desktop by then. I plan on get this one here. There are a lot good reviews on it.

Also the isos are hosted on a friend’s account. He was willing to give my host have sourceforge killed my hosting with them. The isos will still be available.

The problem with my (died) main computer:

The problem i had with my main computer (the one that died) was the power button was not working. Try clean it but that didn’t work. Try adding new power supply. I trying too hard and bent some thing on the motherboard. I also couldn’t get that damn power supply out without remove everything.

Since i disconnect most the power lines and most likely damaged the motherboard. I will not trust this system anymore. I think it will be better in get a new system since the price to fix these problem could cause like half of what a new system will cost.

I hope this explained my problem better.


~ by godane on January 16, 2011.

3 Responses to “I got a celeron-d running”

  1. Dear Godane,you have a very nice DISTRO,i’m about ArchLiveIso -sure – its fantastic distro. And now about PC,you can to connect motherboard just with Power Supply and processor,its important what , to be connected motherboard speaker.In cause to good work, after button power start ,speaker bipping about PC sistem state.Because hard-disk, RAM memory not present you have a combination of bipping.The same you can to testing all in u PC.
    Sorry ,ENGLISH its not me native language,you can the same to search in GOOGLE motherboard speacker bipp and POST card indication.
    Thanks for HARD JOB!

  2. im not really a hardwar epro but i d recommend going for


    AMD hasnt had alot of success lately, and if u can afford 70 bucks on top, it might be a better choice prcessor wise.

  3. I was wondering if you had an install script. I was thinking about looking at the archbang installer that you used last year, and (if possible) hacking it into something that could install my live cd. I have not looked at the archbang script yet, as i figured i would ask you first. i am using the old archiso script, not the newer archiso2.

    also i added your repo to my pacman.conf
    and got an error when i tried to update pacman, i’m sorry i dont have the error exactly, but it was something to the effect of:
    archiso-live.db.tar.gz turnicated, wrong file size… whatever, i worked around it, just thought id mention it.

    thanks for all your hard work. it was your live cd that introduced me to arch linux in the first place, now i cant use anything else.

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