Archiso-live 20110104 Release

I’m back on archlinux for the moment.

Here are the changes since last release:

* Added support for xz into kernel. So now squashfs+xz is supported instead of squashfs+lzma. You should be able to use unsquashfs to uncompress any lzma modules you may have.

* Go here if you want to use virtualbox.

Updated on around 11:55PM EST time on 20110104.

Here is the iso, md5, and package list.

Package changes here.


~ by godane on January 5, 2011.

11 Responses to “Archiso-live 20110104 Release”

  1. Thank you! Back to the roots.

    Am unable to reach X om machines with nvidia video card. Anything I can do?

    What would be the grub entry for a frugal install of the iso. It appears things have changed.

    Thank you.

  2. Further …

    Wish to congratulate you. Again a very nice piece of work. I especially like your choice of programs.

    Have only a problem with X on computers with nvidia cards.

    Have two questions :
    1. how to boot into command line? Adding ‘3’ to the boot options doesn’t help.
    2. how to make new modules? Formerly I could do it with ‘pacman -r directory -S file.pkg.tar.xz

    Thank you.

  3. your iso is a big hit at puppylinux where others accustomed to easier installations have failed in the past to get arch to frugal install. now they can arch too.
    over at puppy were looking into woofing arch and using arch repositories.
    see here [url][/url]
    for woofing, and also for grub boot codes, and simple installing of arch with this iso from puppylinux.
    if i could make a suggestion 🙂 perhaps arch could use the puppy woof build system as its main way of building then arch wouldn’t be left in the shade by puppy when it comes to speed of use. arch is just too slow by comparison.

  4. is it possible to install the live image ?
    i downloaded and burnt it yesterday and booted up but i found no installer….

  5. Is it possible to install the Iso ?
    If yes, how can i do it ? I can`t find a installer somewhere.

  6. for the nvidia issue just edit your boot line and append nomodeset

  7. Hi, it is a wonderful, but, how can I install it on hard disk? I tested it on my machine and it is perfect for my requeriments. Thanks in advance.

  8. I’ve submitted this ISO as torrent in I’ve added the HTTP mirror, so you’ll always have more speed than only downloading using HTTP.


  9. Installation is not working! How to fix that!

  10. sorry if this is a silly question
    is this 32 bit or a 64bit iso?

  11. Frugal install not working. Any suggestions?

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