New project: modular-slitaz

This is a new project i started working on about 3 months ago. The reason it took this long was cause i need to update and fix alot of problems with slitaz. Mostly cause alot of package wore like 1 year old  or more in some cases.

My modular-slitaz is different in that it makes slitaz more stable and flexable. I have some bugs on my system like for ex.

* my software clock is drifting by about 7 mins a day. Maybe more. I don’t know if this my scripts or slitaz. I believe this is slitaz.

* mounting hard drivers may get weird stuff. I only got this once but when mount the my sda3 drive i think i got some system files that are in like in proc or sys. I believe this maybe cause i made my own system settings for user and group files.

The main features with modular-slitaz:

* alot of packages for alot less in size. Like under 400mb.

* Games like warzone2100 and frozen-bubble in the iso.

* Added virtualbox-ose, blender, lmms, hydrogen, pidgin, firefox, clamav and bunch more.

* Also added a mirror modules of most of repos.

Here is the iso, md5, and package list.

The scripts can be look at here.

PS I started using slitaz so i can maybe make a all in one livecd/source dvd with auto build bot scripts. Archlinux keeps on moving more to binary source that can’t allow me to make mass backup of all Archlinux source packages with makeworld –allsource -c /home/arch/sources/core or something. Granted i think archlinux does alot of things better. Slitaz is no way better then archlinux when it comes just being able to just compiling things (ex. new gnome-doc-utils is a bitch on slitaz). I hope this helps people understand why i moved to slitaz.


~ by godane on December 3, 2010.

11 Responses to “New project: modular-slitaz”

  1. Does it have the aircrack-ng patched stuff?

    Great idea to have a modular slitaz! thanks for the effort.

  2. Hi, just downloaded the iso, yet to burn it. One wee thing, the link to the md5 actually seems to be a link to the iso, at least when I clicked on it here I started to get a second d/l of the iso.

    • @gnomic
      I fixed the md5 link. Thanks.

      The kernel doesn’t have aircrack-ng patched stuff. Sorry.

  3. From the modular-slitaz desktop via wifi . . . have booted so far on ThinkPad Z60m, and Compaq Presario v2000 laptops. Wifi via a PC Card with AR2413 (ath5k), was able to do WPA.

    I found the CD doesn’t eject at shutdown, always a nice-to-have. Also saw no sign of copy to RAM, at any rate the CD would not eject when I pushed the button on the drive. PCMan file manager wouldn’t eject the disc. Both the machines have 1G RAM so should be able to boot in RAM given the size of your iso. Is there a boot option? Sorry, haven’t read the fine manual for Slitaz.

    Wot, no dvdcss? And no Flash? Not like the good old archiso days 🙂

    Will try on some other machines. So far it’s good, could be a candidate for running from a flash drive.

    • @gnomic
      The way slitaz works is that there are only scripts for non-free apps. Flash and rar for example are non-free. You can still flash with get-flash-plugin in shell. libdvdcss i can added. i just forgot about adding it.

      Also the iso doesn’t by default load into ram. You need to add slitaz copy2ram at boot command line. My other problem is just me making my own local package repo since i don’t really know how that would work.

  4. Boots on a Compaq E500 laptop, P3/600MHz w/320 RAM and 16MB Rage Mobility video. Firefox ran, tho’ didn’t do any actual browsing as not on line. Frozen Bubble also ran but the screen dimmed to near darkness and was unable to retore usable brightness during the live session. Had trouble with Synaptics touchpad which was so jittery as to be unusable. Had to use USB mouse. Recent Puppy versions did not show this problem. Overall the system was adequately responsive over a session of an hour or so. Made a wifi connection using WPA via the ath5k card.

    Hmmmm, have to confess I am not fully up to speed with the Slitaz way ;-> Of course their base cd fits in the tiny category so I guess just about everything has to be an add-on.

    By the way, don’t think there is dvdnav either on yr iso, this helps with DVD menus I think?

  5. I like the idea to modularize Slitaz. But the size of the iso is to heavy for me. How about an iso with your scipts and the default software set? 🙂

  6. I was having problems using the iso to use the scripts but in needs a cheatcode in order to have enough loops.
    add :APPEND initrd=/boot/rootfs.gz ramdisk_size=6666 root=/dev/null max_loop=256 vga=normal rw autologin

  7. I now have all the scripts working. and can make an ISO.In your iso the mksquashfs and unsquash they have different versions.

    Also I get an error in line 71 and 73 with the the -noappend

    I also added this to free and eject the cdro. :
    # Optional script to be called instead of final reboot/shutdown
    # To safely switch back to initrd root and unmount everything possible
    # Mainly needed if you use changes= boot parameter in order to correctly
    # unmount the changes device/filesystem. Also needed to free up all loops
    # (to properly free disk space) if you delete an used lzm module.
    # Call it this way in your shutdown script:
    # cd /mnt/live
    # exec ./cleanup dev/console 2>&1

    export PATH=.:/mnt/live:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin:/usr/lib

    . liblinuxlive

    # This script needs to be re-executed to free up any shell
    # from the union which may be used (eg. /union/bin/bash)
    if [ ! “$RE_EXEC_CLEANUP” ]; then
    export RE_EXEC_CLEANUP=1
    header “starting Linux Live shutdown procedures…”
    echo “changing root back to initrd”
    pivot_root . $UNION
    echo “re-executing cleanup script”
    exec chroot . /cleanup “$@” dev/console 2>&1
    fatal “Something was wrong because we should never be here!”

    # kill all processes which can be killed
    killall_unneeded $(pidof cleanup)

    echo “unmounting union”
    fumount -l $UNION/dev/pts
    fumount -l $UNION/dev
    fumount -l $UNION/proc
    fumount -l $UNION/sys
    fumount $UNION/boot
    fumount $UNION

    echo “unmounting images”
    fumount $IMAGES/*

    echo “unmounting mountpoints”
    fumount $COPY2RAM
    fumount $ISOMOUNT
    fumount $XINO
    fumount $CHANGES
    fumount $MEMORY

    fumount $MOUNTDIR/*

    # eject cdrom devices
    for MNT in $(ls -1 $MOUNTDIR 2>/dev/null); do
    CD=$(cat /proc/sys/dev/cdrom/info 2>/dev/null | grep name | grep “$MNT”)
    if [ “$CD” -a “$MNT” ]; then
    echo “Ejecting $MNT…”
    /bin/eject -m /dev/$MNT >/dev/null 2>&1
    echo “CD tray will be closed in 6 seconds…”
    sleep 6
    /bin/eject -t /dev/$MNT >/dev/null 2>&1

    if [ “$DEBUG_IS_ENABLED” ]; then
    echo “Everything should be correctly unmounted now so we can $1”
    echo “Verify it using ‘losetup’ and ‘cat /proc/mounts’.”

    echo $1
    # $1 = action, eg. poweroff or reboot
    if [ “$1” = “” ]; then reboot -f; fi
    if [ “$1” = “halt” ]; then poweroff -f; else $1 -f; fi

    fatal “Something was wrong because we should never be here!”

    • The -noappend is meant so squashfs is not adding to existing squashfs. Otherwise you may get dir_1, dir_2, etc type folders.

      Alot has been update since modular-slitaz. Its now called slitaz-modular. The scripts have changed so i can build full source dvd called slitaz-tank. Its meant to bring tank server to home users and computer labs. Like right now tank is down and the source dvd will allow you to explore slitaz websites offline.

      I hope this helps.

  8. I tried to run your scripts for godane-modular-slitaz-0.1-beta and I get this message:
    lzma: invalid option — ‘s’
    lzma: Try `lzma –help’ for more information.

    any idea?

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