Archiso-live 20100825 Release

Changes since last release:

* Updated kernel Its not zen patch anymore. This was cause there wore problems compiling the kernel with -j3. Also this is now archlinux compatible (again) since i only added squashfs+lzma patch into kernel.

* Fixed busybox/changes problems. Looks like changes boot option needed CONFIG_DESKTOP to equal yes or it will not write to other devices then the livecd is on. I have not noticed this problem until testing changes in virtualbox. My desktop has livecd and changes on the same device so i wouldn’t notice any problems.

* Added PersistenceWizard from Salix OS project. This is so you can create a xfs filesystem in a file.

Everything is up2date as of 4:00PM EST on 20100825.

root password is ArchLinux

arch password is arch

Here is the iso, md5, and package list.

Packages changes here.


~ by godane on August 25, 2010.

48 Responses to “Archiso-live 20100825 Release”

  1. Great live CD, thanks: I read in your FAQ that one had to find Menu > System tools > Install Arch Linux to start the install on a hard drive. I’m afraid I’ll look stupid, because I have not seen this entry anywhere… did you put it somewhere else?


    • @Charles
      The faq is out of date. I use a scripted called now. I removed the older installer since it was starting to cause problems.

      I hope this helps.

  2. @godane: Thanks! it does help indeed 🙂

  3. I have tried this fantastic new edition. Everything I tried works.

    But I don’t know how to do this: automounting every ntfs-partiton with the lowntfs-3g variant instead of the standard ntfs-3g.

    I need that ntfs-3g-variant because of the special lowntfs-3g option ‘case-insensitive’ documented in the ntfs-3g-manual.

    I need that option of lowntfs-3g because there are rare situations under wine where two variants of Windows-files differing only in case are created without overwriting one another.

    • @nohype
      I think i can do it since its in the standard ntfs-3g but i will have to add it into the intramfs with a boot option to use lowntfs-3g. I’m sorry but the livecd auto makes /etc/fstab on every boot so that it has the right devices in it.

      I will try to see about adding the boot option for lowntfs-3g in the next release.

      • I have now created a vfat partition as a replacement for the ntfs-partition reserved for Windows-programs under wine.
        I have tried to remount it with the option check=r to no avail.
        The automatic mount option for vfat-partition uses check=s which is not suitable for my purpose.
        Could I somehow suppress the automatic defaults for a special vfat-partition say /dev/sdc2 (2. partition on a Archlive-USB-stick)?

  4. @godane: hmm… launched frugal install on /dev/sda and dev/sda1… but it does not work, it gives me error messages. Using sudo won’t bring me very far either. What is the exact command to type?

    • @Charles
      You will need to use gparted to make your partition ext2 format first.
      i think the command is this:
      sudo /dev/sda1

      I hope this helps.

      P.S. : I have only tested the script in virtualbox so far. I don’ t know if the script work’s on real hardware but it should.

      P.S.2. : Can you give me the errors you got? It may help me fix your problem.

  5. Solved!
    Remember I need to mount my special vfat-partition on /dev/sdc2 to be mounted with the option ‘check=r’ (even more suitabe for my purposes: ‘check=n’).

    The default options for vfat are:


    So this works:
    # umount /dev/sdc2
    # sync
    mount -t vfat -o rw,quiet,noatime,umask=0,check=r,shortname=mixed # /dev/sdc2 /mnt/sdc2

  6. The installer worked just fine,can you update the ISO with the installer please?

    • I am interested in knowing if you have had any problems with the installed Archiso-live, or if you think it is ok for me to use the installer also.

  7. Hi, is it possible to load X with the nvidia driver? I can’t seem to install it since libgl has a lot of dependecies (I wish it could be easier).

  8. I need PAE support,it’s very important to me

  9. i need to boot this live-cd but it not works like the official archlinux iso 😦 because of special hardware. i have the same problem like the first post of this link
    otherwise very good project !

  10. hi, it is a full ‘VIA Technologie’; the only live-cd who works on this machine is CTKarch but only before upgrade (pacman 3.4, etc). i’ve tried ‘noapic acpi=off pci=routeirq nosmp nosmi’ options but in vain … i don’t think kernel in the case because the LTS on archboot makes same issue (sorry for my english!). i wonder now what to do !!

  11. i found this message in your archbang-live :
    “This Kernel requires the following features not present on your CPU:
    pae cx8
    Unable to boot – please use a kernel appropriate for your CPU.”
    interesting by LXDE, may be can you add pae (package?) in future release … now i return on CTKarch to add it kernel26-pae.
    thanks a lot for your help

  12. i cant install Archiso, i dont find under menu > system tools > install arch linux, i just download Archiso-live 20100825 Release , please help me

  13. i try but it dosnt work, i write at the terminal and it do nothing, i need help please

    • @Kentaro
      You will need to use gparted to partition the hard drive to a ext2 format if you haven’t already. If your getting errors can you please post them. I need to know whats making it not work for you. Also script is mostly unsupported. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

  14. Also script is mostly unsupported!!! <—what is the meaning of that?? yes i use gparted to partition my hard drive, i wanna use all of my hard drive only for archiso. after doing the partition i dont know what i have to do to install archiso,

    • @Kentaro
      You should do this then: /dev/sda1

      Or the device you used gparted on.

      PS I mostly don’t support script since i’m not good a building installers. The script could also write over you grub.cfg file.

  15. I have the ISO on a HDD partition and use gujin to boot it. However no matter what I choose (Boot, boot with LXDE) it seems to want to access the USB:
    Waiting 1s for USB devices…
    Scanning drives
    Failed to mount /dev/sda2 (FS is )
    Failed to mount /dev/sda6 (FS is swap)
    Failed to mount /dev/sg0 (FS is )
    Falling back to interactive prompt
    You can try to fix the problem manually, log out when finished…

    • @andyp
      The waiting for usb devices is normal. Its only a sleep command for devices to settle.
      But the errors of course are bad. Can you post your grub.cfg file on and give me a link to it?

      PS If you used script i have not tested it with iso files that much. I have only been able to test it with normal install.
      (ex. /dev/sda1)

      • I used gujin ( which searches for ISOs on the hdd and lists them on a menu; so it allowed me boot as if I’d picked {noemul}. It listed the iso as ElTorito on /dev/hda12. BTW, I have Fedora on /dev/hda8 with a working grub, but no entries yet for this archiso. What would you like me to try next? Could i run the install script from within Fedora, or add an archiso stanza to its grub/menu.lst? For the latter, it’s hard guessing the location (hda12) in ‘grubspeak’ which is like hd(0,whatever) and thats why I had to use gujin. This is an old laptop Thinkpad T20, which won’t boot from USB, so I had to use a hdd partition and put the iso on it.

      • @andyp
        Your using grub 1. I was talking grub 2 since my iso would only work boot directly off of that.
        You will have to extract everything in the iso to a archiso-live folder:
        title Archiso-live
        kernel /archiso-live/boot/vmlinuz from=/dev/sda1/archiso-live elevator=deadline locale=en_US.UTF-8 keymap=us session=xfce load=overlay
        initrd /archiso-live/boot/initrd.img

        I hope this helps.

  16. i really thank you for this wonderful iso. i am succesfuly running it on virtual machine and i love it. its absolutely easy to use and install.

    i need some assistant though, i am going t install this on my hardrive. it will be setup like this, windows 7 (i have my reasons to install it. sigh!) ubuntu/debian and arch live. but since this arch live does a frugal install.. i am not sure how to go ahead. please guide me on this tri-boot setup

    • @abhifx
      If your using grub2 then this could help. Instead of using my script you may want to just added this to your grub.cfg file.

      menuentry "archiso-live iso" {
      search --set -f "/archiso-live-2010-08-25.iso"
      loopback loop "/archiso-live-2010-08-25.iso"
      linux (loop)/boot/vmlinuz findiso=/archiso-live-2010-08-25.iso elevator=deadline locale=en_US.UTF-8 keymap=us session=xfce load=overlay
      initrd (loop)/boot/initrd.img

      My current script would write over your grub.cfg file. So just adding the above to grub.cfg would be better for you.

      I hope this helps.

      • thanks for your reply. but this sounds even more confusing. right now my hardrive is empty.
        normaly this is what i used to do… install one of the grub in its own partition and the other grub in MBR. but i am not sure in this frugal case.
        secondly i want this arch to run and let me install anything. will this your ISO link style work?

  17. Is there any chance that you will be adding an installer (not to the live cd in the future?

  18. […] Changes since last release: * Updated kernel Its not zen patch anymore. This was cause there wore problems compiling the kernel with -j3. Also this is now archlinux compatible (again) since i only added squashfs+lzma patch into kernel. * Fixed busybox/changes problems. Looks like changes boot option needed CONFIG_DESKTOP to equal yes or it will not write to other devices then the livecd is on. I have not noticed this problem until testi … Read More […]

  19. Great! thankyou for this work !
    But I want remaster this ISO with my package selection, for create a personalized distribution. How I do this ?

  20. This is just to make a distribution to facilitate my work, and not to distribute the Internet as such.

  21. godane re

    Somehow when I typed exit, it continued with the live run; I never thought of that before and always hit reboot or the power switch. I was able to get to awesome WM, and it found the lzms in the partition I had extracted to (as you recommended. Though I think it may have skipped some steps since I typed ‘exit’, like root not having a password, or not having arch or archuser or archlive as my first userprofile–doesn’t seem to be anyone /home. But I can live with these; at least I got my graphics desktop! Thank you godane!

  22. hey Godane; do you use a special linuxrc or initrd_create script?
    I tried to make a remaster using your kernel but it does kernel panic?

  23. Booted this on ThinkPad R51 with intel 852/855GM. Alas there was no mouse pointer. Fiddled with XFCE mouse settings, no good. Changed to E17 and fluxbox, likewise no good. Weird. It was possible to track pointer movement by seeing changes in icons when the invisible pointer was over them, and mouse clicks worked to evoke menus, start apps, etc.

    Are you on holiday by the way? Missing the monthly new version 😉 You haven’t been abducted by devs to some other project?

    • @gnomic
      I started working on slitaz. It started as just updating stuff. But than i wanted to make a modular version of slitaz. I have started to get some where with the modular version. I hope to have modular slitaz release later this week. Also it only takes 50mb of ram when running (at startup) so this will be a good light weight distro.

      PS I will have most of the software that was in archiso-live. Just not all of it.

  24. Thanx a lot! It was a great discovery for me. Great Pack

  25. Hey godane, i love archiso 🙂 Just was wondering..

    Would there be anyway you could create an iso that has just a base desktop environment, without all the IMO unneeded packages such as blender, etc.

    Basically a base arch install, but with your archiso touch 🙂

    Thoughts? :O

  26. Hi man, I really like your project, (i’m working on a similar project).. I think u used Archiso to make this CD, so, if you want to give me a hand with my project can u post me your archiso packages.list ?

    I hope to have your notice ASAP!


    • @Dennis
      I used modified scripts so there not like the official archiso. Also all isos come with a packages.list so you should be able to find it in the older posts. Here is a link to my scripts here.

      • Thank’s for the quick answer, your archiso2 is better than the standard archiso and work well.

        Just a question (sorry if I’m stressful but you have a greater know-how and I hope you can help me), it’s possible to copy the livecd into ram ? I ask this because I really need to keep the OS in the memory e remove e support (es. USB or DVD).

        Using mkinitcpio in the Makefile to generate a .img that contain all system and not just /boot is a way ?

        So, this to say/ask: is it possible (generating a new .img with mkinitcpio or modifying archiso’s Makefile or something else) have the possibility to caching the Arch-Live into ram ?

        Sorry for my poor English!! And thank’s for the time you spend on this!

      • @Dennis
        I have copy2ram boot option to copy archiso-live into ram. This will allow you to use the system still compressed with squashfs modules. Putting everything in initramfs is bad idea since it would end update take 2gb of ram when uncompressed.

      • So, I can use it with archiso2 ? Sorry but I really don’t know how to add it..

        Just copy copy2ram binary (where I can find it ?) to somewhere in /root and run it after boot or I have missed some step ?

        Thank you very much, your help is essential in this case because I really don’t know how to implement it in my arch…can you give some help or guida that show how to implement this feature ?

        Thank’s a lot!

  27. I tried arch2lzm pkg ‘package’ again. But it doesn’t handle .xz-archives. I can think of a new version of the pkg()-function which handles both sorts of an archive. But other functions of arch2lzm would be more difficult to modify. They would habe to handle several archives of _mixed_ format.

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