Archiso-live 20100725 Release

Changes since last release:

* Using kernel26-zen now. More common kernel modules are build into the image to save on space. I’m also using BFS scheduler. It maybe a lot faster on file transfer since i can copy a 643mb iso image in 2 seconds vs 1+ min.

* The base folder is now under 200mb. I move alot of the development stuff to another module in modules folder. Like the /usr/include, /usr/share/locale, and .a files.

* The baseonly option is in the menu now again. I use lxde for desktop.

* Updated script. You will have to use gparted if you need to partition your drive. I have only tested the script in virtualbox so far. (ex. /dev/sda1 or /path/to/image.iso) Use at your own risk and backup before using this script. NOTE: Your grub.cfg file will be replaced with my grub.cfg file. So its best to back that up too.

root password is ArchLinux

arch password is arch

Everything is up2date as of 4:00pm EST on 20100725.

Here is the iso, md5, and package list.

Package changes here.

~ by godane on July 25, 2010.

28 Responses to “Archiso-live 20100725 Release”

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  2. Just to say : congratulations! And Thank you.
    Latest version installed ‘frugally’ on my desktop works fine!
    Only problem is X on my laptop! Video driver seems uncompatible…


  3. Am I blind? I can’t find the installer in the menu (and nowhere else). Please help!

    • @aeneuman
      There is no menu option for my installer. You have to use terminal to get it installed. (ex. /dev/sda1 or /path/to/image.iso) You will also have to gparted your hard drive to have a linux compatable format.

  4. This won’t run X Window on ThinkPad Z60m w/i915. Get the dread ‘respawning too fast’. It does manage to get to a prompt. Looking at Xorg log see the following:
    open /dev/fb0: no such file or directory
    intel (0): No kernel modesetting driver detected
    Screens found but none have a usable configuration
    no screens found
    Fatal server error

    Looks like yet another in the interminable series of Xorg/intel driver screwups – when will the madness end?

    Runs on a P4 desktop with Matrox G550, tho’ the respawning message showed up there as well before X started. But dmesg showed up a string of ‘X:9455 freeing invalid memtype’ Never saw that before.

    So sad and blue with this one – how can I force vesa at boot? There is a cheatcode for this? Or any tricks for making intel work?

    • @gnomic
      I don’t have vesa cheatcode anymore. I don’t have any of the chaka-hardware-detection scripts anymore cause there not going to work with the newer xorg 1.8. You may want to look here for some help.

      This may help. You will have added this to the command line on boot:

      I hope this helps.

      • No X on ThinkPad R51 w/82852/855GM also. Looks like all intel may be fubar, something to look at for future versions? Haven’t tried the modeset thing on Z60 as yet.

      • Had that same ‘respawning too fast’ error mentioned above on a Toshiba Satellite with a GMA 4500MHD.



        to the command line on boot, as you suggested, worked for me.

        Thanks for the work you’ve done with this project!

  5. What’s really bad is that some of the games don’t run 😦 – including Swell Foop. Where are the games by the way, what directory, I couldn’t find them? Was going to try starting the ones that fail in a console to see what’s up, but couldn’t find the path, or see them in /usr/bin.

  6. Thanks for your efforts with ArchIso. The live cd worked well. I wanted to install, but could not get there. Booted the live cd, prepared the target drive for the install, opened the terminal as root, and ran the frugal-install script, would not execute. The iso image is on dev.sda1 (ntsf). I tried several times but the program would not execute.


    • @jubai
      My script is for ext2 partitions. I have changes boot option that is best to use on a ext2 partition.

      Swell Foop looks like a very bad coded game. Runs very slow on a amd dual core + ati 3200 hd graphics desktop. I have warzone2100 running fine so i think its Swell Foop. Also Swell Foop path is /usr/bin/swell-foop.

  7. Good news; I found that the magic string you supplied ‘i915.modeset=1’ enables X Window on both laptops, Z60m and R51. Jolly good.

    Just about swell-foop – ran at cli with the resulting errors below. It did actually start a gui window but froze almost at once.
    (seed : 5553) : Gtk-WARNING**: Error loading theme ‘stock-scores’ for stock : Icon ‘stock-scores’ not present in theme.

    The game did run iirc in 26 June version and seemed to be the game once known as same-gnome, which still provides me with some amusement.

  8. Installed iso using unetbootin and when i tried to access live session on bootup it failed to give me ny gui display and instead gave me a login option in terminal. On reading here found it has to do with graphics card (mine is crappy Intel one “Mobile GM965”). Tried all combinations during boot, i915.bootset=1, i965.bootset=1, 965GM.bootset=1 and so on, but nothing worked.

    One brief message that i saw was user x trying to spawn too fast or something like that.

    Any idea if it’ll work in my machine and what i need to do to get it working?

    Thanks in advance.

    • @Murali
      Its i915.modeset=1. There is no i915.bootset=1. Thats your problem. Also my next release will just be using a archlinux compatible kernel with squashfs+lzma. This means the next release will not have this intel problem. I hope.

  9. aah crap!!! Did i become blind in broad daylight :-((

    Sorry, my bad, will try with modeset.


  10. thanks for all your work godane. i’ve been using your archiso-live on USB drives for ages now, and it’s never failed me yet.

    One question though – is it possible to have the changes persistent? ie so that I can add applications, customize the settings etc while running it as a live-usb(made using unetbootin), and have those changes come back next time I boot it up.

    I seem to remember doing something similar in zenwalk but can’t remember how to get it to work.

    Is this even possible? I use it for similar things as you mentioned on arch-forum recently as a sort-of standalone, isolated OS.

    • @Josh
      You can look up the docs from slax website here.

      The changes boot option should work the same as slax does. Mostly cause i’m running there linux-live scripts directly with little modifications.

      I hope this helps.

      • Hi Godane,

        I tried the boot options listed in slax website, basically the “changes” one but it failed in boot with posixovl error. It couldn’t find it i guess and just gave an empty prompt and asked for a reboot.

        One other question that i had was – i installed kde after booting into live session, however when i logged out and tried to log back in with kde i couldn’t find any option to select kde. it just had xfce by default, there was no dropdown or option to select the different WM’s. Do you know how we can get around this.

        Many thanks.

      • @Murali
        The change boot option is best used with ext2 not vfat. Sorry about that.
        You could use session=kde on boot to boot into kde but since it was a live session that would be a cleaned out. I would also try press F1 on slim login but i don’t have kde listed in /etc/slim.conf file.

        There should be a backup called grub.cfg.old. I believed i wrote in a older post that grub.cfg file be moved to grub.cfg.old. (It was in the First Wolvix Release Post i wrote about that.) The config overwrite was the only way for me to add my grub.cfg to hard drive.

        The /arch/setup script would be of no use cause i need packages in package format (*.pkg.tar.xz) for it to install anything.

  11. Can you give a little more info on how to install the live disk to a partition on the hard drive?

  12. I would like to install Archios-live to my hard drive, so I ran the frugal-install script, which overwrote my grub cfg. I rebooted my comp and ended up logging in as root. I am kind of at a loss as to what to do next. I tried issuing /arch/setup at the prompt, but it says that aif command is not found. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  13. So if i were to format usb as ext2 and then write arch iso and use changes option, would it work? I’ll try out the kde options as well.

    Thanks again.

  14. Thanks for the reply, but the answer does not explain the steps taken to install the live cd to a hard drive partition. Running the frugal-install script does not really install anything but a new grub configuration. What command do I issue to actually install Archiso-live?

    • @Rick,

      You need to install “aif” before /arch/setup starts working. You can find it in pacman itself and it’s a reqd dependency. I had the same issue and was able to run the setup command once i installed “aif”.

      • @Murali
        aif will not work on my livecd. I have no packages in package format for aif to install. So it will not help in installing my livecd.

        Are you doing this with /dev/sda1

        You should see a archiso-live folder , changes folder, and modules folder on your hard drive. I have only tested this in virtualbox but it works there.

        I hope this helps.

  15. So it is not an install in the traditional sense, it is more like a persistent usb install, correct? And, if I have winXP on sda1 and sda3 is were I would normally install linux, I should have ran ( /dev/sda3) right? Can I then add (menuentry “Windows” {set root=(hd0,0) chainloader +1}) to the grub.cfg to dual boot into windows?

    • @Rick
      Yes. I made the script so people can have a more of install like i have. I also figure it would help in making multi-os iso usb sticks. With changes boot option enable it should work like real archlinux.

      aif is for the base install cd. It will not work on my livecd since there are no local packages on it.

  16. Really? I’m sure i had the same error and i downloaded aif and subsequently setup started working.

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