Archiso-live 20100626 Release

Changes since last release:

* Using my new rewrite of archiso called archiso2. The idea was to get remove the need of base.lzm file for linux-live scripts. I have done just that. I added linuxrc and liblinuxlive scripts into initramfs then copy everything thing into /new_root folder mounted as tmpfs. I made sure the linuxrc is /sbin/init in the /new_root folder also. I move the mounted /proc, /sys, and /dev at the end of /sbin/init also.

* Everything should work as i did in the last archiso-live. I don’t have same menu like i had in the older releases right now. So this is a english only release at the moment.

* Boot option keyb is now keymap. lang is now locale. (locale will take the full name that /etc/rc.conf takes. ex. locale=en_US.UTF-8)

* Also Xorg 1.8 is so good i don’t need chakra-hardware-detection from what i can tell. If you have problems with this iso please report them in the comments. That goes for any problems.

Everything is up2date as of 8:00PM EST on 20100626.

Here is the iso, md5, and package list.

Package changes here.


~ by godane on June 27, 2010.

13 Responses to “Archiso-live 20100626 Release”

  1. The packages list looks like a gnome live cd.
    Good for wvdial, wicd…
    But gnome…
    Not for me.
    I’ll still use arch

    • @speedyx
      I don’t have gnome or kde in archiso-live. But i have xfce, e17, openbox, fluxbox, icewm, lxde and awesome.

  2. Sorry, I saw a lot of packages that start with gnome-…
    I’ll try

  3. glad to see its working on my dell inspiron 1525, the intel gm965/gl960 video has been problematic latley, kms leaving me with a blank screen. on my regular arch install ive had to boot yhe cd with “nomodeset” then mkinitcpio with intel_agp and i915.
    “lsmod | grep video” shows i915 & drm_kms_helper and everything is looking good.
    btw is there an installer in this release? i tried typing larchin and ab-installer with no luck, maybe you have hidden it away somewhere?

  4. I also am interested to know if Archiso-live has an installer, more, i am interested to try the Wolvix Release.

    • @Steve
      I would wait on the installer since it will have to be redone it for the newer isos now. Archiso2 changes the way the installer would have to work since the is no more base.lzm file. I have a script thats called that you can try for a poor man install in the wolvix release. Use it at your own risk.

      • Thank you for your reply Godane, i will wait to hear news of the newer iso’s installer, for the moment i may just download one of your arch-live iso’s and take it for a spin.

  5. HI
    I like archlinux,and Thx for your work.
    I wang to install archiso in my notebook.
    But the 0 step,there are chose the ftp mirror,and in my network,that is wrong,If I can install it or not?
    Thx again.

  6. Hello Godane
    I haven’t had any luck trying archiso-live livebackup
    it creates everything OK; but when desktop loads no terminals
    work and it seems to be s pts isuue or something?
    please see here


  7. Runs on ThinkPad R51 centrino 1.6GHz with Intel 855GM grfx – yeeha! This wasn’t working with archiso for a while ‘cos of the pae thing – you forgot to make this kernel pae? I’m just as happy without pae requirement, are there really that many people wanting 4G+ RAM on 32 bits? Also runs on a desktop PC with Duron 900 Mhz, 1.5gigs RAM, and nv MX400 video card, VIA chipset.

  8. Great!
    But i would like to known how to build my own arch linux based system
    how do i do this.
    give me the path

  9. hello i used an xfce arch liveiso made by you it was great it contain virtualbox many audio players and good stufff i loved it possible to install it __?? or its made only for using it as a livecd? i want to learn to convert my archlinux into a .iso so i can install it with a a couple of clicks…i dont know if i need to clone it…and then try to figure a way to copy into a formatted hd or….if i need to build an installation script to install my arch with all the already compiled programs.

  10. Hi. Booting on a MacBook Pro starts well but stops when iso content should be mounted with a message saying a timeout occurred waiting for the media. Is anyone having success with a MacBook Pro (very recent model of it)?

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