Archiso-live 20100526 Release

Changes since last release:

* Updated to kernel 2.6.34.

* Uncompressed all .gz files so i can get better iso size. I save about 30mb+.  NOTE: This will more likely cause problems with soft links to man pages since the file names changed.

* Added linux-firmware package.

* I added blender, cinelerra-cv, inkscape, and kino. This is why there iso is big then last time. But not by much.

Everything is up2date as of 5:00 PM EST on 20100526.

Here is the iso, md5, and package list.

Package changes here.


~ by godane on May 27, 2010.

8 Responses to “Archiso-live 20100526 Release”

  1. First : thank you.

    After a long time I am able again to use Archiso-live on my home laptop, since you provide now the nouveau driver. Nice! very nice!!

    Which is again the best way to put the iso on an usbstick? Unetbootin? And to install the iso on an harddisk? The old tool seems to have disappeared…

    Thank you very much.

    • @joji
      I have ab-setup script thats from the Archbang project. From what i can tell does work but i have a better idea.

      I’m going to make a page so people can have a frugal install page since I have on my hard drive. It’s going to require grub2 since it will help with booting from the iso image directly. This will also help with making usb stick installs easier.

      With the changes and modpath boot options people will be able to still keep changes and add modules to the frugal install. It will make a fail safe OS where people still have way to go back if there is a screw up with configs or bad install package.

      I hope this helps.

      • Thank you for kind reply.

        Just to confirm that I find that Archiso-live is one of the best livecds available today. I have been working with it for a few days now and everything just works as expected.

        I did a frugal install an hard disk and made some modules with the programs I am using most of the time. Very nice.

        Guess you should make a little bit of noise so that more people try Archiso-live. And will go on using it for their daily work …

        Needless to add that I am looking forward to seeing the new developments you have in mind. But I like Archiso-live such as it is now : as long as you keep the same cheatcodes and allow me to add my modules I’ll be using your fine distro.

        Thank you.

  2. If you allow me …

    Want to install fillezilla in a package with dir2lzm.

    Create ‘/home/arch/fzilla/var/lib/pacman’ which is a symbolic link to /var/lib/pacman

    Then : ‘pacman -S filezilla –root /home/arch/fzilla’
    filezilla is downloaded and installed in the directory : /home/arch/fzilla’ but at the end following error message : “error: command failed to execute correctly”

    Is there a syntax error?

    Thank you for kind attention.

    • @joji
      That may have to do with there is nothing in your folder like bash for example for the install script. I have that message all the time when build my isos. Also i recommend this:
      pacman -Sy
      arch2lzm pkg filezilla

      Its best to do the pacman -Sy since i remove it from arch2lzm. Also you have to do that with every new boot since /var/lib/pacman/sync is mounted tmpfs. That was done so the system would not freeze cause of I/O problems with aufs.

      I hope this helps.
      PS It just makes a module of the package you want. Any depends download with it will not be bundled with the package in question.

  3. Thank you for good advice! So we may ignore the error message : “error: command failed to execute correctly”.

    Thanking you again.

  4. Wait, does this install arch linux for me??

    thanks 😀

  5. ab-install worked on a virtual box, but when i tried to run it on real hardware i couldnt get a drive formated. cfdisk looks like its working but it doesnt. i dont know how else to explain it. i was truing to install it to a partition that had an old arch install on it (ext4). i even went as far as to delete the ext4 and make a new one in its place but no dice. i tried to set up my partitions with gparted but it could not set a file system. at that point i gave up. i cant remember the command to set file systems, mkfs -h probably would have showed me but im a busy man. just thought id let you know, maybe a bug, probably a missing lib.

    btw i liked the larchin installer when it was working.

    i found your isos in late 2008, they were my introduction to arch. now im a full time archer, thanks, i havent had this much fun with an os since slackware.

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