Archiso-live 20100411 Release

Changes since last release:

* Updated aufs2 to 20100410

* Updated kernel to

* I updated the archiso hook to be more like the official one. The modular design is still the same.

Everything is up2date as of 4:oo PM EST on 20100410.

Here is the iso, md5, and package list.

Package changes here.


~ by godane on April 11, 2010.

12 Responses to “Archiso-live 20100411 Release”

  1. Can’t find the installer, did a “/arch/setup” and that didn’t work either.

  2. is it difficult to install ati hardware in it? namely 5770

    • @kennyjb402
      try “sudo ab-install” with out quote.

      I have xf86-video-ati driver on the livecd it you talking about using ati hardware.

  3. thank you for these sweet releases always!!

  4. does the live cd work with a VmWare machine? I’m getting a ‘fatal error: screen not found’ trying to log in when using it with a VM.

    • @vmguy
      I don’t have the vmware video driver in the iso. So that maybe the problem with it not working in vmware. I only don’t have it cause it has probems with video auto detection. I use virtualbox so i recommend that for testing. Just remember to use the safe graphic mode menu option so you can get xorg working right.

      • well, I tried both Knoppix and Frenzy (freebsd) live CDs and both seem to be working fine with a VMWare machine. Would be great if Arch could do too…

  5. thanks from Argentina

  6. 😀 cool !!!

  7. […]…/master/README and I believe he (godane) makes a livecd too…00411-release/ see if that […]

  8. Hi, any thoughts about doing a slitaz-based spin as you did once before — now that SLitaz 3 is here?

  9. How do I install it to my HD?
    And how do you create this live cd?

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