Archiso-live 20100321 Release

Changes since last release:

* Added openbox as default wm. Added fbpanel and adeskbar to it.

* Fix changes boot option to work like it did in slax again.

* Updated kernel to

* Added timezone boot option. (ex. timezone=America/New_York)

* I remove the pentest tools since i would take forever to keep them up to date and work. I did keep tor and data recovery tools in the base module.

Everything is up2date as of 4:30PM EST on 20100321.

root password is ArchLinux

arch password is arch

Here is the iso, md5, and packages list.

Package changes here.


~ by godane on March 21, 2010.

9 Responses to “Archiso-live 20100321 Release”

  1. is it difficult to install ati hardware in it? namely 5770

  2. Thank you once more. Nice piece of work.

    Did you test the new timezone boot option? Doesn’t seem to work? Was waiting for it …

    Any trick so I can use this iso on a machine with a nvidia card?

    Thank you.

    • @joji
      The timezone boot option may only work on a reboot with changes boot option. This maybe cause i edit the TIMEZONE in /etc/rc.conf late in the game. Sorry about that.

  3. everything before(including) 20100217 release is so stable,
    now these gave me xorg.conf error and kernel panic

    my xorg.conf error is


    Model “CMC 17” “AD”

    it’s wrong

    should be

    Model “CMC 17 AD”

    and by the way

    can you swith back to xfce? i am more familiar with xfce

    and it’s full desktop rather than openbox,it’s just a wm

    • Think you will find that you can boot into xfce with this iso. It used to be when a password was required during startup that you could hit F1 and select one of several window managers at slim login screen. Now the live cd goes straight to the default wm, but I guess you can kill X Window and type startxfce4 at the prompt or somesuch. If you look at the package list you will see the xfce components are still included. Haven’t actually tried this (just d/led the CD now) but it should work. Installed it shd just be a matter of altering the config of slim to boot xfce instead of openbox.

      • Further to above, to make life really simple you could simply log out of the openbox session on live CD and log into xfce by using F1 to select that option at the login screen. User arch, pwd arch.

  4. can u swith back to xfce4 in upcoming release?

  5. Don’t have an installer anymore? thnx.

  6. sorry for my igornance and not seeing package list before download

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