Archbang-live 20100306 Release

This is  a fork of archbang build with my build scripts. I added some pentesting packages and fixed up the instaler. The installer is under system-> Installer. Its based on the archlinux installer.

Here are the features of archbang-live:

* All/most of  the features that are in archiso-live and slax.

* findiso boot option so you can boot from iso with grub2.

* Development packages.

* Bauerbill replaces packer that’s in archbang.

* Using testing repo.

* Updated kernel to 2.6.33.


* Sound is set to 0% on every reboot.

live password is live

root password is ArchLinux

Everything is up2date as of 3:00 PM on 20100306.

Here is the iso, md5, and packages list.

Package changes here.


~ by godane on March 6, 2010.

23 Responses to “Archbang-live 20100306 Release”

  1. 1.Nouveau-driver works on my G210-card.

    2. Had to use this xorg.conf for my SyncmMaster T220HD-Monitor:

    because it was not recognized.

    3. Cannot find the (german) keyboard-mapping-utility, trying rc.conf.

    4. First impressions: very responsive, nice desktop-background.

    Thank you very much for this new edition.


  2. Hi, i download it and tray. I install it. But dont start x. Only show x cursor. I will try again, and still try. Thanks

  3. Hi!
    Why archbang? Feel Archiso-live is OK for me.
    Appreciate you are providing the nouveau driver. At least I can use now on my nvidia laptop.
    But ‘lzm2dir / dir2lzm’ are missing. Where can I download them? Or you don’t like us to add modules?

    • @joji
      I forgot the lzm2dir script. Sorry about that.

      This maybe a problem with the slim autologin. I just don’t know since i didn’t have that problem with testing the installer in virtualbox.

      I will have to see how to added the keyboard-mapping-utility to the tint2 tray. I will see how i can added that back in.

  4. Further …

    It appears only ‘lzm2dir’ is missing… At least I don’t find it!

  5. Installed OK. But xorg tried to use the nouveu driver which was not present. Edited xorg.conf to use nv. Slim will not start. Fast and responsive, nice work. Did you say you added some pentest apps. Can’t find them if they are there.

    • @wlake
      I didn’t added a menu for them yet.

      • godane, about slim not starting. In my instal the daemons line in rc.conf is there twice. Neither line is commented out. I commented out one, but I had removed slim and installed gdm to try to solve my problem. Anyway since I commented out one of the daemon lines and added gdm. gdm now starts. Probably if I had commented out one line in the beginning slim would have started.

  6. godane, In my install in rc.conf the DAEMONS line is in rc.conf. Could this cause the problem with slim? I removed slim and installed gdm before I saw this. Since I commented out one of the the daemon lines gdm now starts.

  7. Sorry for the double post. I thought the first one didn’t show up.

  8. May I repeat : is there a way to set the timezone as a boot parameter?

  9. Regarding slim-problems: After install you have to edit /etc/slim.conf and replace username “live” with your own. Then you get past the x cursor. Install does not automaticly changes fefault username.
    For german Keyboard: put “setxkbmap de” into openbox .

    Problem for me: pcmanfm lost the mime-types. A fault i alos had with Crunchbang 9.04, but should have been solved meanwhile…

    Otherwise: top!

  10. This message from archbang-live on ThinkPad Z60m. Groovy so far, and has requisite wireless firmware – unlike Archbang. Good substitute for #! while they are deciding what to do next. Does the future hold further releases, is this a one off? A wee gripe, no dvdcss???

  11. I would like to setup persitent store on /dev/sda7.

    1.) “changes=/dev/sda7” as a kernel-bootparameter does not work. Error-message:

    “/dev/sda7: changes not used or not writeable”

    This is not correct. /dev/sda7 has ext3 format, is rw-mountable and checked as being clean.

    2.) all fat- and ntfs- but no ext3-partitions are mounted automatically when booting live. Mount-points for ext3-partitions aren’t prepared under /mnt either.

    • @nohype
      This maybe be due to the newer kernel using ext4 for ext2 and ext3 support. Ext3 is not build as a module in the newer kernel. This is also done in the official kernel26 package in testing repo. I may have to recompile kernel for ext3 support if its cause of this problem. Try ext2 for changes boot option to see if that works.

  12. Keep the good work, it’s a very beautiful, and in my opinion one of the best linux distributions out there. I have a question though, is it based on the arch kernel or on slax kernel, because i saw on your first post that it is based on the slax kernel, and i don’t know if this has changed since then.

    P.S. I have some really interesting ideas about making some bash script for this distribution, since i am a bash developer.

    Again, thank you for this great linux distribution.

    • @Donald Iljazi
      It was based on slax kernel back in 2008 when it was more slax like. The newer kernels are custom build with pae so there not compatible with archlinux kernel.

      I use a hook in initramfs to make a middle root filesytem for slax initrd. This way i emulate slax boot scripts without having rewrite them for a mkinitcpio hook.

  13. Godane
    I am having issues with nvidia. First it is incompatible with default libgl and then a removed all libgl related stuff. Tried to install nvidia nvidia-utils and nvidia-xconfig but there are some problems with nvidia version which I couldn’t figure out. That’s a pity considering I could boot the live CD without troubles I was facing with Archiso and previous releases as already reported. Is there any suggestion? Here I am running nvidia gts 8800.

  14. I’m sorry, but the system is incompatible with my hardware. Whatever the method of installing the system, with or without VESA installation does not work after the first boot. While creating a User with login / password system does not comply and does not recognize the password. Only the root account works but having a prompt after typing ctrl+alt f1. I also made an attempt at installation using a VM on VirtualBox, assuming the defaults. It does not boot in any of the options.
    Yes, you are right. I should install Arch myself from text mode and configure Openbox accordingly.

    Good luck and thank you for your project.

  15. […] Desktop zum Ausprobieren an, also probierts mal aus ! Ladet euch Godane’s Arch-live von hier herunter, take it for a spin and stand amazed at the power and simplicity of Archlinux. Become an […]

  16. i cant seem to change the timezone from edt to my local zone ie ist.

    choosing the nvidia drivers fails for my geforce series fx 5500 card.

  17. You should add installer to archbang-1.05-livecd. That was best archbang ever!

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