Archiso-live 20100114 Release

Changes since last release:

* Updated kernel to I’m still using 2.6.31 series cause my wifi is unstable with the newer kernel.

* Updated the initramfs to use busybox instead of klibc.

* Removed the boot splash.

* I fixed the installer to work now even when ~/.gvfs is mounted.

Everything is up2date as of 3:00 PM EST on 20100113.

root password is ArchLinux

arch password is arch

Here is the iso, md5, and package list.

Package changes here.


~ by godane on January 14, 2010.

30 Responses to “Archiso-live 20100114 Release”

  1. hello,

    first of all thank you for the work on this project.

    i really would like to try this out but it couldn’t boot yet.

    if i install the iso to the usb with unetbootin than after selecting the usb to boot from, the isolinux line on the screen appears for about half second and it disappears and blank screen…

    if i dd it to the pendrive than it boot fine so i can select language and can boot but it stops when waiting for usb drives. telling me falling back to interactive prompt.

    i also tried two of your previous isos on 2 different pc/laptop without any luck.
    do you have any suggestion what else to try?
    running archlinux and everything is up to date 🙂

    thanks in advance

  2. Hi, Godane
    This version fixed the installation problem found on the previous release but I found something weird when try to install it to my desktop. It is a I7 and Graphic board is nVidia 8800 GTX. If I choose first option my screen becomes all green and at the end it is impossible to see what is left.
    It only works using Safe Graphic Mode but without good result because of VESA. My monitor is Dell 24 inches. Using this mode, at the shutdown point it freezes. I am showing below the links to some picture I took using my mobile phone.

    I tried also previous version to my desktop and got the same result (green screen) when using first choice on boot.


    • @csat
      this maybe happen cause of nouveau driver is not on the livecd. The shutdown screen happens on my netbook so thats normal on some hardware.

      I will have to test the new unetbootin to see why this is happen. Also i never tested the dd option on my usb stick. I fear it will screw up the usb stick.

      • Ok, Godane. Thanks. Is it possible to have VESA and then try to install nvidia package after removing VESA?


      • @csat
        You can install nvidia then just edit /etc/X11/xorg.conf file to nvidia instead of vesa for video driver. Lucky for us i added the nvidia drivers to my repo so you can still install it for kernel 2.6.31.

      • I was excited to see Archiso ranked #3 on the http://www.homedistro site, so I tried it out. It is very fast when installed. I can’t get Shaman to work. I looked for help in the Arch and Chakra forums. While is user mode all the buttons don’t work as all it shows are installed programs. I used pacman to reload the repositories and it still don’t work. Please help.

  3. hey Godane,
    i also tried the previous version of unetbootin in arch without any luck. then i rebooted to a xubuntu hardy(8.04) and it worked with that unetbootin for the first try. strange
    i tried the lubuntu (lxde) 9.10 alpha1 iso too and had the same situation. so the problem must be with unetbootin.
    thanks anyway

  4. I boot from hd with the iso . but the username root/arch.and password ArchLinux/arch ….is wrong .cant login …why ?

  5. I boot from hd with the iso . but the username root/arch.and password ArchLinux/arch ….is wrong .cant login …why ?

  6. Can’t edit rc.conf or boot as root (seems to be the same problem already encountered).
    Want to change permissions of rc.conf to be able to edit it.

    • @Paul
      You can edit by using sudo mousepad /etc/rc.conf. I’m adding autologin to arch user as default for the next iso. Everything that needs to be done in root can be done with sudo.

      I have never had any login problems with slim so don’t know why its happening. The best i understand is you change the password when using the installer. This should only cause problems loging in to root not arch user.

  7. i didnt install it . i just boot the iso from the hardisk…because i havnt a cdrom…

  8. i boot the iso from the hardisk but the cant loging in

  9. i extract the Archiso-live 20100114 Release.iso to C:\ then to boot

    • @mmzcaxe
      Do you have load=overlay as one of your boot options? I only ask is cause without that you will have unconfigured system without passwords. Can you show me your menu.lst or grub.cfg file so i can see what you maybe missing? You can go here then give the link in your next comment.

  10. my menu.lst :

    title Boot archiso-live Desktop
    root (hd0,0)
    find –set-root /boot/initrd.img
    kernel /boot/vmlinuz elevator=deadline ramdisk_size=60% aufs nonfree=no vga=791
    initrd /boot/initrd.img

    • @mmzcaxe
      The kernel line should be more like this:

      kernel /boot/vmlinuz elevator=deadline lang=en_US keyb=us load=overlay usbdelay=5 nonfree=no xdisplay=old xdriver=no

      I hope this helps.

  11. Plz look at this

  12. and these

  13. archiso-live-2009-05-13.iso before this iso .i can boot from hardisk…after this i cant login in…

  14. Hi Godane,
    I’m trying to make my own Arch Live CD and after I’ve followed everything in the wiki about Archiso, my live cd won’t boot it says:
    Loading /boot/vmlinuz26………………………………………………..
    could not find ramdisk image: /boot/my-arch.img

    even though my-arch.img is there on my CD in the folder boot lol
    Your help would really be appreciated

  15. thx Godane.use your menu.lst , i can login in

  16. godane…u should work with GRUB2 instead grub-legacy…

  17. My pc don’t have cdrom,so I want to boot archiso-live form hard disk.I unpack the iso to a fat32 partition,and use grub4dos 0.4.5.My menu.lst is this:

    title Boot archiso-live Desktop
    find –set-root /archiso-live/livecd.sgn
    kernel /boot/vmlinuz elevator=deadline lang=en_US keyb=us load=overlay usbdelay=5 nonfree=no bootusb xdisplay=old xdriver=no
    initrd /boot/archlive.img

    It can not boot and error is “can not find boot device” whatever I use “bootusb” or not.

    Can you tell me how to boot form hard disk or which version can boot form hard disk?

    • @WinniChen
      I think most of the reason its not working is cause you should have had this:
      title Boot archiso-live Desktop
      find –set-root /archiso-live/livecd.sgn
      kernel /boot/vmlinuz elevator=deadline lang=en_US keyb=us load=overlay usbdelay=5 nonfree=no xdisplay=old xdriver=no
      initrd /boot/initrd.img

      The is no bootusb boot option anymore and the initrd is /boot/initrd.img not /boot/archlive.img.

      I hope this helps.

  18. I also test use unetbootin to boot form usb,and also failed.I can not see grub menu.

  19. @godane
    Thank you for your reply.but I test the menu.lst you write,also error.
    like this:
    * -n scanning usb dirvers:
    * Failed to mount /dev/sda1
    * Failed to mount /dev/sda2
    * Failed to mount /dev/sda6
    * cannot find boot device,cannot continue

    and the it will turn to ram$.

    my pc’s hard disk is ST3160815AS,SATA.

    • @WinniChen
      Maybe try without find -set-root /archiso-live/livecd.sgn line. I don’t have the find line with my configs and everything works fine on my hard drive.

      I hope this helps.

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