Archiso-live 20091227 Release

Changes since last release:

* Added fbsplash. The fbsplash will only be in the english menu for now. The safe graphics menu option doesn’t have fbsplash.

* Updated kernel to

* Added virtualbox-ose-additions and virtualbox-ose-additions-modules.

* NOTE: The virtualbox additions causes a error when run this iso from this iso. Basically there will be a error in virtualbox saying the vboxdrv is a invald format module. This only happen when you have virtualbox additions on both guest and host system. The vboxdrv kernel modules works just fine by the way.

Everything is up2date as of 1:30 PM EST on 20091227.

root password is ArchLinux

arch password is arch

Here is the iso, md5, and package list.

Package changes here.


~ by godane on December 27, 2009.

20 Responses to “Archiso-live 20091227 Release”

  1. Is it GNOME or other GUI?

    • @Grzegorz
      Archiso-live has xfce, awesome, fluxbox, icewm, lxde, openbox, and e17svn. I don’t have gnome and kde desktops in my iso. Sorry.

  2. When I try to run it live it just loops from user to password to user to password and does nothing else. If I enter root and the root password then it works.

    I just want to run it live for now. I got bit bad with my Gnome Arch Linux with an update that messed up the Xorg and I want to make sure it works right before I do anything else.

    • @dick
      Thats weird. I was able to test this iso on my system with username ‘arch’ and password ‘arch’ just fine.

  3. Hello Godane
    Great work…
    I like XFCE, and I searched for this for a long time
    You want to host your iso on my server ?
    You have an interesting description of this iso/work?
    You have some screenshots ?

  4. This latest version couldn’t be installed to my system. I’ve tried using Virtual Box and to a notebook and both have failed. I have the screen shots with the errors. Any place or address where to send them (two screens)?


  5. @godane


    Those errors were collected from my notebook Dell 131-L. I was trying to install the latest version to logical partition /dev/sda8 as “/” and using /dev/sda5 as swap partition. The previous version is corrected installed to /dev/sda7.

  6. hey dude…for a simple image u can try

  7. Thanks Geno. Here the links again using your suggestion:

    • @csat
      This is old bug with larchin. Its cause /home/arch/.gvfs is some sort of fuse mount. I will remove gvfs in the next iso. You may want to use 20091208 for now. The second error will happen when exiting larchin no matter what. That error doesn’t do any thing bad so that one can be ignore.

      • @godane

        Ok, thanks. I will waiting until your next release. Keep up your good job.


  8. First, let me say you’re the responsable for having me try Arch, which I loved, thank you so much. FYI I was able to install from an USB key on my HE1000 the 20091208 release, not the last dated 20091227. When starts “initializing the kernel…” it frozens.

    • i have had the the problem where it loops at the login screen
      i am a Linux user but not arch i have the disk i just cant log on to it if you could help that would be cool

  9. hi, i have the same problem with the ISO just boot to ISOLINUX and stuck. any thoughts?

    • @Wayne
      I have no idea on how to fix it since i never had ISOLINUX boot loader frezze on me. Can you give me hardware spec of your system? There are some motherboards that just doesn’t work will with ISOLINUX.

      Did you use the right user name and password?

      user: arch
      password: arch

      user: root
      password: ArchLinux

  10. can you make another clean version of Archiso?

    it is for live cd only(never need to be installed on desktop)

    Packages to include:
    LXDE (Some customization)
    Web Broswer
    Instant Messenger
    Music Player
    PDF viewer
    Network management
    Perhaps a document program

    it will make archiso smaller 🙂

  11. hey,
    solid as a rock with my laptop.
    just 1 thing: shaman doesn’t work: can’t actualize, change settings nor install anything.
    via command line it’s fine (pacman..).
    is there a fix?

  12. Hello, I can install this live image to work on a USB pendrive ? This works fine ?

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