Archiso-live 20091208 Release

Changes since last release:

* I removed nouveau-drm package from iso for good. This is cause it would conflict with the ati drivers.

* Removed moovida, rawstudio, rtorrent, seamonkey, vlc, weechat, irssi, and pitivi packages.

* Added in gnome-games.

Everything is up2date as of 3:00 PM EST on 20091208.

root password is ArchLinux

arch password is arch

Here is the iso, md5, and package list.

Package changes here.


~ by godane on December 8, 2009.

18 Responses to “Archiso-live 20091208 Release”

  1. 1. Tried nv-driver on a Nvidida-G210-card (which is quite new): only a very distorted screen with wrong colours. Vesa is OK.

    2. Console login (Alt-Ctrl-F1) is impossible because visible keyboard-input requires doubly entered letters for “root” but password input is impossible.

    • @jecko
      1. This maybe cause i had to drop xf86-video-nouveau in order for my drm-next ati dirvers to work.

      2. I can confirm that Alt-Ctrl-F1 console is impossible to type in. Try Alt-Ctrl-F2. I haven’t had any problems with typing there.

  2. I tried running Archiso today and it looked like everything loaded OK but then it says can’t see screen. I have nvidia Geforce 7100. what is needed to get the video to work?

    • @Dave K
      You may need to use the safe graphics boot option in order for your screen to work. I think this problem is cause i remove the xf86-video-nouveau driver since it causes problems with ati kernel modules that i have on iso.

  3. tried the arch live 2009 12 08 iso, wont boot on intel 2.66ghz intel gma 950 onboard graphics, 2gb ddr2. Gets strange I/O errors after “changing root directory”

  4. Thanks, safe graphics worked. If I install I would have to set it to 1280X1024. I have Arch w/ gnome running on another hdd so I’ll stick with that for now, but its nice to see other Arch based distros out there. 🙂

  5. does archiso support EXT4?

    • @hermit
      Yes. I’m using kernel so ext4 is supported. But i don’t use ext4 on my hard drive so if you have problems with it you will have look up the archlinux forums and wiki.

      Can you seen a picture of the error? This is only cause i have had that error where changing root directory didn’t work yet.

  6. […] a quienes desean probar la cada vez más popular distribución de Arch Linux con una actualizada imágen 20091208 construída con su herramienta Archiso-live que ofrece un muy conveniente LiveCD con un escritorio […]

  7. ‘I’m using kernel’ @godane

  8. I found a solution to a problem mentioned here back in October where shaman won’t allow the user to update anything, citing system policy. It’s located in the final post of this thread:

    I just made a backup of the file mentioned in the post and then copy/pasted the code into the original.
    Thanks for this great distro!

  9. Good job! I like it.

  10. how can i put it on my USB flash drive boot it and use directly inside of usb flash drive?

  11. hi there!
    i installed archiso on hd and told larchin to install EXT4 like / and /home partition(that i have-ext4-) but didn’t…is that a BIG BUG?
    how’s possible i say ext4 and /home and larchin installed ext2 and no /home? by the way now erased of hd!
    any idea…

  12. Hi
    Is there a way to keep the mixer not mutted everytime I logon (loundspeaker icon is off)? I have to go there and turn it on manually to get my sound up and running. I am using HDA ATI SB and notebook Dell 131-L.

  13. Fixed:

    As root:
    alsactl store

    Then, edited /etc/rc.local and included

    amixer set Master 75 unmute
    exit 0

    Reboot and done.

    I’ve read from Arch Linux wiki alsa that the default is mute.

    Happy new year

  14. Can’t boot it 😦

    : * Failed to mount /dev/sr0
    * ERROR: cannot find boot device, cannot continue…
    * Falling back to interactive prompt

    If I try to enter

    ln -sf /dev/sr0 /dev/archiso
    it hangs 😦

    • @sHAsHiLx
      I think your confusing me with the official archiso project here. My iso doesn’t link the cdrom drive to /dev/archiso.

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