Archiso-live 20090829 Release

Changes since last release:

* Added 2 new boot options. findiso and modpath. Findiso is so you can boot from iso. Modpath is so you can add another modular folder so you have more modules to use on your cdrom when you boot up.

Ex findiso=/path/to/archiso-live-2009-08-19.iso.

Ex modpath=modules

* Fixed the initramfs: nuked errors i think. There is a 2 seconds delay before chrooting now.

* Added chromium-continuous to archiso-live. Its in the modules folder so its not part of the base install.

* Fix bug in xfce panel so that audacious can start now.

root password is ArchLinux

arch password is arch

Everything is up2date as of 2:00 PM EST on 20090829.

Here is the iso, md5, and package list.

Package changes here.


~ by godane on August 29, 2009.

14 Responses to “Archiso-live 20090829 Release”

  1. When booting the livecd, I can only select default, if I select any of the language it doesn’t boot. Where can I find the base install mentionned on the previous release?
    Otherwise works perfectly on an eee 901 out of the box.

    • @alyrian
      This is cause baseonly is English menu right at the moment. Mostly cause i don’t want to put a english into the boot menu of other languages.
      I was able to boot into czech menu just fine. I have also boot into Netherlands menu langange too.

      I hope this helps.

  2. Godane…are you going to continue providing the latest builds for Google Chromium? It would be great!

  3. Thanks godane for the answer
    I am new in the whole arch world but learning and your distro is great, I installed it on two computers. I switched wicd to networkmanager as I need vpn access. Well everytime I install something that as an autostart in the session/startup, it does not or not entirely. I need to add sudo in front of the command in /etc/xdg/autostart/xxxx.desktop. That was the case for networkmanager and eee-control. Something to do with permissions I guess but I cant find any workaround on google.

  4. I am finding that the baseonly version is the only one that will install. The base plus hangs when it formats the partitions before implementing the install. I waited over half an hour and it just stayed there. The baseonly installed just fine.

    • @dick
      What format wore you using? I’m using ext2 and its installing fine in virtualbox.
      You can format with gparted first. Then just jump to the installing part without having to reformat the drive.

  5. I formatted the partition as ext4 with gparted. When I got to the step where you select the /, home and swap partitions, it displayed as ext3. I changed it again to ext4 and indicated to format at that point. If I formatted with gparted as ext4 then why is it showing as ext3 in the next step – and I did do the formatting.

    I will try again with formatting in gparted and then not format when I select the /, home/swap and see how it goes. I just found it kind of confusing that I formatted and then immediately got the indication that the formattting did not take effect.

    • Finally figured out what my problem was. I was leaving the format check for swap. I unchecked that and it installed just fine. Apparently it was going so slow on the block check when it formatted the swap that I thought it was hanging. My stupidity.

  6. Saludos desde la ciudad de Mexico, D.F, cuando procedo a realizar la instalacion en el disco duro, el archinstaler no me reconoce las particiones del disco, no me permite elegir una de ellas, solamente me da la opcion para usar el disco entero o completo.
    Saludos y gracias

  7. Me parece que vas a tener que borrar todo el disco duro. Yo tambien tuve el mismo problema pero estoy muy contento con Arch. Es lo unico que tengo en mi laptop.

  8. Looking for something I have not been able to find yet. I want to change the linkages in the system tray to use TB instead of claws for the mail client. How do I change those links and how can I maybe add to the system tray if I find something else I want to put there. I found how to change the size of the icons but I can’t find the module that changes the system tray. Probably missed that somewhere along the line or I am searching the wiki with the wrong search term.

    Other thing is I would like to try Opera. I used it before and it was pretty cool but there were screens that would not display with it. With the new release maybe they have fixed it. Is there a module for Opera in the future for Arch?

  9. After a passage through Chakra, I found your LiveCD to be better suited for me. But now something weird is happening, I cannot boot it, well kind of. Here is what I tried, I want to boot from USB.
    Copy ISO with dd command, it boots but after ‘scanning usb drivers’, ‘Failed to mount’ any drives then ‘falling back to interactive prompt’. In that case I have the choice of standard, baseinstall and safe mode.
    Copy ISO with unetbootin on usb formatted ext2, ext3, ext4, no boot
    Copy ISO with unetbootin on fat32, it boots but the menu is different, on top ‘default’ which works to install, no choice of baseinstall or safemode…
    So ok I can install using the unetbootin fat32 but I dont think its normal way. Any guidance on how to properly make a bootable usb please?

    • @alyrian
      Unetbootin does stupid things to the boot menu. You can just do this in the folder you mount it to:
      cp -f boot/isolinux/isolinux.cfg syslinux.cfg

      I used fix paths and have done this to my usb stick in the past and it works. I have only used unetbootin on fat32 usb sticks. This is mostly cause i’m not going to use changes boot option. This will make your usb stick boot like archiso-live cd.

      PS Never use changes on a fat32 partitions. It slows everything down to the point its unusable. I learn that the hard way.

  10. @godane
    Indeed it does stupid things, finally got it working as it should. For reference for whoever wanna make a Archiso-live USB:

    USB formatted to FAT32
    Use UNetbootin to transfer the iso onto the usb
    Go into the usb root folder and copy/type:

    cp -f boot/isolinux/isolinux.cfg syslinux.cfg
    cp -f vesamenu.c32 boot/isolinux/

    Thanks for a great distro

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