Archiso-live 20090819 Release

Changes since lasted release:

* There is a baseonly install now if you just want a more basic install of archiso-live. This is more in line with ‘one app for a task’ from zenwalk. The baseonly option is only the english menu. Its the 2nd menu option.

* There is only xfce desktop now. There are no other desktops in the iso.

* The iso is 64mb less then last release.

* I modified the gimp.desktop file so that pdf may go to epdfview instead of gimp if clicked on. I just found that it was stupid that pdf’s files went to gimp instead of epdfview when I clicked on them.

* Comix is used for image viewer now.

Everything is up2date as of 3:00 PM EST on 20090819.

root password is ArchLinux

arch password is arch

Here is the iso, md5, and package list.

Package changes here.


~ by godane on August 19, 2009.

19 Responses to “Archiso-live 20090819 Release”

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  2. This is a very nice job. I like it but for one thing, and that is that although I am shown to be connected via a wired internet connection, I cannot browse, nor chat, nor email. I can’t figure this out. All the configuring looks right, and it clearly shows to be connected, nothing as far as internet connecting works. Puzzeling to say the least. Although I can run updates in the root terminal, and the connecting seems fine there, nothing else will connect. Wierd.

    • @Ron
      There was changes done to the modules to make the iso smaller. I think the problem is that rpcbind is not in the new iso. Rpcbind replaces portmap. Thats just my best guess to your problem.

      • Well I took the same disk home and put it on my box there, and it works just fine. Internet connects to everything right out of the box, so I am not sure what the problem is on the box here at work. Both are Compaqs, but the one at home is a few years newer, and has twice the ram. This old box has 512 ram, with a pentium-4 1.7 ghz processor so it should be good enough to run it. Cant explain why the one works, and the other doesn’t.

      • Well I booted the system, checked through Shaman, and rpcbind was not installed, so I installed it with pacman, as shaman wont work (on either system) and I checked rc.conf daemoms to make sure rpcbind was loaded at boot, and it still isn’t working. I have been reading all over the Arch wiki, and forums but still haven’t hit on the solution. It puzzels me that it works on the one box, but not on the other. The thing with Shaman is something to do with permissions I think, but pacman works so it’s not a big deal, just cant access the internet with anything except pacman. Also there are a lot of errors when pacman runs, such as can’t access such and such repository, which is something I don’t get at home. Just trying to give as much info as I can. I may try and burn another disk today, and see about reinstalling it here on the odd chance that there was something about the disk and this cd/dvd drive it didn’t like, as opposed to the one at home.

      • @Ron
        Looks like its not just you having this problem. Link

      • Well got it working now. I went back several time to the link you provided, and saw where the other guy got his going, so I did the same thing, and it worked. Now if I could just figure out why Shaman wont work, it would be 100% working. It must be something to do with permissions.


      • Well it works kinda. If I log out it reverts back to not working, so I have to nano the rc.conf file and change the nameserver line each time. Even if I save it, something reverts it back to the original setting, so I try not to log off, or reboot if I can help it. Also I read on the Arch forums where Shaman isn’t working I guess until it is upgraded sometime in the future. Other than that, it is flying on my old box here at work, and I am having fun exploring it, and learing. Thanks for making it easier for noobs to get up and running with Arch.


      • This seems to be the fix.
        I have tried it rebooted, and all seems well as far as surfing the web, email, chat etc.


  3. Wish to congratulate and thank you.
    Have downloaded and installed Archiso-live 20090819 to replace my broken system. Really very nice.
    I agree : you have to install Rpcbind in order Firefox to work as expected.
    Once more : thank you.

  4. I gues once the problem with rpcbind is resolved, everything should be ok. Nice, nice, nice job! I really like this one a lot.

  5. I read the info on the link, and I too have a single modem at work with no router, and that is where I am having the problem. Here at home, I do have a router, but it’s working very well here. Maybe someone will figure it out :o)

  6. I mispoke, it’s the resolv.conf file that is altered.

  7. hi Godane.
    I have installed Archiso-live 20090819 Release, and I have tried to install Gnome, but to the reboot I don’t succeed anymore’ to make the login.
    Don’t you know if it exists, or you have made a version of Archiso-live with Gnome?
    Hi and thanks.
    I Mark for Italy.

    • @deegan
      Xfce is the default desktop. The problem your have is that you need to copy over /etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc with /etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc.gnome. This should make you able to login to gnome after that.

      Hope this helps.

  8. I was able to install Chromium without any problem and everything is working fine. Just make sure you have all the codecs installed and openjdk or jre too.

    I did : yaourt –aur -S chromium-continuous -latest



  9. Please replace fam with gamin

  10. I was able to install Google Chrome and it is working like a charm. Make sure you have jre installed.

    I typed: yaourt –aur -S chromium-continuous -latest

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