Archiso-live 20090712 Release

Changes since last release:

* Added a lot of pentesting apps into archiso-live again.

* Added kino, blender, hydrogen-svn and lmms back in iso. There add as separate modules.

* Fix my auto video config by seding out vga driver and replacing it has vesa driver. This will only sed out the vga driver if your running the auto video config. I hope this doesn’t cause problems.

Everything is up2date as of 4:00PM EST on 20090712.

root password is ArchLinux

arch password is arch

Here is the iso, md5, and package list.

Package changes here.


~ by godane on July 12, 2009.

20 Responses to “Archiso-live 20090712 Release”

  1. you must to do a minimal distro, only lxde and shaman for user download what they want, i think..
    good job!

  2. This version is not working with unetbootin (not sure why). It won’t boot from a pendrive.

    Were there any important changes in the directory structure?

    • @NiX
      I have not changed anything with the directory structure. Is there are errors that you can show me to help you or fix a problem if it exist?

      • Works for me as long as pendrive formatted as hdd (fat32 on /dev/sdb1) rather than fdd (fat32 on /dev/sdb).

  3. Godana hello first of all wanted to congratulate your great work ..
    A suggestion for future versions to make a gnome ;)…
    Finally you need is your help I am new in xfce: livecd and the probe can access internet without problem, but something odd happens after it is installed on the hard disk can not connect and configure the probe wicd and nothing: (.. try twice reinstall but if I do not have internet and use the livecd since there can be access without problem ..

    thank me if you can answer or someone who knows.

    • @juan
      Gnome was remove cause the gvfs cause problems with the installer.

      I don’t know why you can’t connect to the internet. I use a script in /etc/rc.d to get my wifi internet running.
      You could try this:
      pacman -Sy extra/wicd

      This will update wicd to 1.6.2. I still have the older wicd 1.5.9 in my repo since there was a report of a problem with wicd 1.6.0 not working.

      I hope it helps.

  4. thanks for the reply friend but I will try more and I am curious on the head is that the livecd the internet work for me very well … but with the distribution installed on the hard drive I connect to the internet. then proves what I say and then tell you

  5. Sorry, I meant but with the distribution installed on the hard drive
    I am not connected to internet then proves what I say and then tell you

  6. is there torrent-file to download?

  7. don’t work… don’t instalation… partytion not work… 😦

    • @mariusz
      Can you give me the error for the installer not working?

      There is no torrent for this one. There was a torrent for the 20090524 release. But the installer and unetbootin didn’t work with it.

  8. gparted don’t work.

    • @mariusz
      Run this in shell:
      sudo gparted

      You may not be able to run the gparted though the installer. Thats my best guess to your problem.

  9. whether the drive to install Linux is to take falge “boot”, if this flag is for the windows disk? and if I have Ubuntu installed as I have it set where it acts on ext4. don’t write ntfs dysk – whay??

    gparted does not approve the changes. drives are locked, you can not mount them. I’m login to: root, and and approve the changes to my Linux disks, but reads the numbers wrong disc.

    • @mariusz
      It maybe better to just do a ext2 format partition. Backup your system first.

      I have not tested gparted that much but i have no problems making partitions. If there is a bug with gparted then you may have to report it to the This is a unofficial archlinux livecd project so i don’t know every problem that archlinux programs may have. Sorry.

  10. o.k

  11. First, thanks for your work … it runs without any problem on my desktop PC.
    Howewer, I’ve a doubt, it is possible to install it on the hard disk?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Ups, my question is in the FAQ, sorry. But, anyway, I think your last word is the installer is broken … so, how I need to do the install?

      Again, thanks for your response.

      • @mstrello
        The installer is working since larchin 6.1.2 was added into the iso. That was maybe around 20090528 or 20090612 release. I have not updated the faq page in few months. I will do that in the next day or two.

  12. wow! this is really great. i’m running it on my thumbdrive now.
    1 question though: how do i get it to have persistent changes? i’ve tried making an ‘archsave.xfs’ file on my stick, but I can’t get arch to use it. I am trying to do it the way it worked in Zenwalk Live but it appears to be slightly different. any tips?
    thanks for the great work BTW.

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