20090524 Release blocked cause of 200+ downloads

My iso was blocked from being access my anyone for the rest of the day i think.

If anyone is willing to make automatic mirror of my isos please do. I’m sorry about this for everyone trying to download my lastest iso.


~ by godane on May 25, 2009.

20 Responses to “20090524 Release blocked cause of 200+ downloads”

  1. Thx Distrowatch!

    Great idea to provide a ready-to-use arch iso.
    It seems that Distrowatch’s readers agree with me!

  2. Try to do torrent link next to standard ftp or http.

  3. I noticed that I got blocked off in the middle of the download. Distrowatch reader, confirming that that’s exactly why I popped on over to the site!

  4. So THAT’S wot happened…I thought it was me. I too read about this distro on DWW (on Caitlyn’s report…so it’s all her fault, for generating all this interest, LOL).

  5. godane: Could You do a little tutorial about building multilang boot menu option?

  6. We can mirror some iso files for you, we have unlimited traffic, but the bandwith gets reduced to 10mbit after 1TB is used. Contact me if you want me to host them.

  7. I tried to run this using UNetbootin, but it wouldn’t work. šŸ˜¦ Does it have to be burned to a CD?

    • Go to http://unetbootin.sf.net/ if you need a guide to work unetbootin. Also tell me what is the error if there is one.

      • “Unpacking initramfs…Kernel panic – not syncing: bad gzip magic numbers”

        Here’s my screen:

        Should I try with an older release?

      • I never seen a error like this before. Could you past your syslinux.cfg file? This file is for the boot menu but unetboot will screw it up.

    • I think there is a problem was with my multilingual boot menu in my iso. Its being used by unebootin. Sorry.

  8. Got the same error : ā€œUnpacking initramfsā€¦Kernel panic ā€“ not syncing: bad gzip magic numbersā€

    Any other way to put the iso on a usb-stick?
    Frugal instal with ‘from=’ also impossible for me. Kindly explain in detail how to do? Please give exact menu entry if you are using grub.

    Your iso is too nice not to be installed on usbstick or hard disk!!!

  9. The ‘syslinux.cfg’ file is the one which is on the LiveCD.
    Thank you for your efforts.

  10. Can you provide another ‘syslinux.cfg’ which we may put on the stick made with unetbootlin?

    • @joji
      I found out the what the “bad gzip magic numbers” is. Unetbootin is think my initrd.lzm module is initrd. So its renamed ubninit to be the new default initrd. So I’m going to rename initrd.lzm to base.lzm. Rename my initramfs archlive.img to initrd.img. This will make the default option work. I will also have to rename my english menu so its first to be added to syslinux.cfg that unetbootin makes.

      @SRD and VN
      I was working on a arch based slitaz iso about a month ago. But i got stuck. Slitaz also has some problems with wifi. Like i can never get internet with it.
      Also i think it would be better if i just do a boot menu option so you can have mini-archiso. Because if the module is not load on boot. It will not be install.

  11. I’m also getting the “Unpacking initramfsā€¦Kernel panic ā€“ not syncing: bad gzip magic numbers” error after using Unetbootin to make a USB-stick. How can I fix this?

    • @archnoob
      You can fix this by just copying /boot/isolinux/isolinux.cfg over syslinux.cfg file for now.

      • I tried that but it didn’t work.

      • I just notice that all me language menus have to be in the same folder together. Sorry about that.

        You could try replacing /boot/isolinux/menu_en.cfg has syslinux.cfg file. I hope that would work for you.

  12. Just wondering …
    Could you provide a new iso with all changes required so that unetbootin is able to make a bootable usb-stick.

    I repeat : your iso is so nice. And booting from an usb-stick will speed up things and bring more people to try your archiso-live.

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