Archiso-live 20090524 Release

Changes since last release:

* Updated kernel to now. I’m still using sqlzma. I just do a force install for my sqlzma package to install.

* Added pacbuilder-svn and xz-utils.

* Added autoexec boot option. This is the same has the one in slax.

root password is ArchLinux

arch password is arch

Everything is up2date has of 4:00PM EST on 20090524.

Here is the iso, md5, and package list.

Package changes are here.

EDIT: Torrent link. I don’t know if this will work but i have the piratebay tracker add to it.

EDIT2: Torrent is not uploading. Sorry.

EDIT3: Mirror:  iso, md5, package list, package update.


~ by godane on May 24, 2009.

28 Responses to “Archiso-live 20090524 Release”

  1. Out of curiosity, do you have one that supports 64?

  2. hi, i was trying to download and try this iso but pressing on the download page i get a “Forbidden” page.

  3. Forbidden

    You don’t have permission to access /iso/archiso/20090524/archiso-live-2009-05-24.iso on this server.

    Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.


    • I just noticed my iso folder just disappeared.
      I don’t know why either but this is on a friend server so he may have deleted. Sorry.

  4. Unbelievable! A discovery!!
    Don’t know anything about Arch, but this LiveCD is a masterpiece.
    Will try a lot of things. Can it be remastered the ‘slax’ way via modules? And a frugal install (as an iso) on HD is possible? What about a frugal install on USBstick?

  5. archiso-live-2009-05-24.iso is too nice …
    Any cheatcode such as ‘from=’ or ‘fromiso=’? Other cheatcodes?
    Any forum where I could ask these questions?

  6. Hello,

    I downloaded and, after testing for wireless connection, tried to install the LiveCD to the hard drive, but the installer couldn’t go past the partition. This happened both from running as arch and running as root.

    Here was the error message:

    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “/opt/larchin/modules/gtk/”, line 252, in changed_cb
    File “/opt/larchin/modules/gtk/”, line 161, in setStage
    self.mainWidget = stages[stagename].Widget()
    File “/opt/larchin/modules/stages/”, line 54, in __init__
    all = install.getAllSwaps()
    File “/opt/larchin/modules/”, line 473, in getAllSwaps
    swaps.append((ls[0], float(ls[1]) * 1024 / 1e9))
    ValueError: invalid literal for float(): extended

    I am typing this from the LiveCD session of Archiso-live 20090524 release. I umounted all the HD partitions, even swap to see if it made a difference, but it didn’t.

    Is there other ways to install this to the hard drive?

    I want to see how well it works from a hard drive install.


    • The gui installer is very flaky. So its recommend not to use it for now. Sorry

      Also the gui installer was from another project. I didn’t make it.

      • Got the same error. Loved the Live CD – everything worked very well and for a live CD it is really fast.

        Tried to do the install and after the partition I got the same error. Is there any other option to do an install? I didn’t see anything and while I have a partial install of Arch in another partition up to the point of creating XORG I would prefer not to mess with that. It has failed all the times I tried and since your Live CD did just what I want I would prefer to install from your Live CD. If you have no other method then I will give the XORG another shot in the other partition.

      • @rhomp2002
        You have to use version 20090605 since the installer don’t work until recently.

        I will add the old wicd in my cache to my package repo. But what weird is i think the newer wicd doesn’t have errors on startup. I only know about the errors cause there in the .x-session.log file i think.

  7. how did you made live cd in Arch if you have any documentation would be grate.

    BTW when do you think you can upload new iso again to have access to it


  8. Do you have an image for a LiveUSB? What about Persistence? That would be a great add-on!!!

    • @JohnL
      You can use unetbootin for putting the iso on a usb stick. You can also use the changes boot option to have persistence. The changes boot options works like it does in slax.

      • What about the other slax cheatcodes? ‘from=’ is not working. Any other way to have a frugal install on an hard disk?

      • @joji
        from boot option should work since i have it working on my hard drive. Try from=/dev/sdaX/folder. You can’t use sub-folders for from cause it will not work. Make sure you copied everything from the livecd to the folder.

        I don’t have a text based installer. Sorry. I do have aif and archlinux-installer. But i don’t know if there going to work. Use at your own risk.

        Thanks. You can copy some of the iso files in the past 3 months to start with.

  9. You have mentioned that the gui installer does not work, but is there any kind of text based installer. I’ve tried sudo but it does require graphical environment. Thank’s.

  10. Hi there,

    I really like the idea of a live Arch distro with an installer. But I would prefer to have the option of a smaller, basic system that allows me to later install only the packages I want. Would it be possible to release a basic ISO only with Xorg, openbox, and a web browser?


    • seconded. It would really be great if you could only have Arch+OpenBox+Firefox. I think what is MOST important is the inclusion of wireless and audio drivers.
      I see that slighlty older (but highly popular laptops) like Thinkpad R series are extremely unusable out-of-the-box in latest Ubuntu.
      If you focus on a very small Arch distro which has wireless and sound on most of the laptops, you will have the next winner!

    • something like slitaz – but with Arch? count me in !!!

  11. […] con autodetección de hardware, un prolijo escritorio XFCE y hasta un instalador gráfico. Su última versión fue liberada la semana pasada e incluye un Kernel, XFCE 4.6.1, Firefox 3.0.10, GIMP 2.6.6, […]

  12. I would like to see a very simple installer that gives the option to autoinstall. Zenwalk has this feature and works perfect. Just give a XFCE and wireless connection and I will take of the rest. It would be perfect for newbies like me that would love to try Arch.

  13. […] volt ismeretlen számomra az Archiso-live sem, igaz eddig sohasem próbáltam ki. Ez egy Arch Linux + Xfce, amiből bevallom az Xfce […]

  14. Am I right in that the from boot option only works on Arch installations?

    Any idea what the problem is with the partition section of the install?

  15. Found the version, created the Live CD. When I ran the install, it bombed at the same place when I ran the full install. I then ran the base install and that installed but gave an error at the end. Unfortunately I installed the boot loader in the partition instead of in the MBR and the distro that currently had the GRUB menu.lst is unavailable. I will redo the install and see if that works all the way through for the base install. The error I am getting with the full install is when it is confirming the partitions to be used just prior to estimating the install size and is the same error as noted above. Not sure why the estimating of the install size works for the base install but not for the full install.

    • @rhomp2002
      The reason the full install is not working is cause gvfs is installed. Xfce for some reason need to mount fuse ~/.gvfs folder. This is causing problems with the installer using du to see the size of the folders. I’m removing gvfs in the next release since only gnome’s nautilus file manager needs it. There will still be a bare bone install of gnome in the livecd. Just no nautilus.

      • Any time frame on the next release? I can hold off until then easily and I do like the looks of your liveCD very much. It looks like a real winner – all the good stuff and still relatively easy to get rid of what you don’t want or need.

  16. Got the base installed, added my user-ID, updated with pacman, added Thunderbird as email and ran it. Life is good and it is running just great. Even the you tube is working. Very happy

  17. […] con autodetección de hardware, un prolijo escritorio XFCE y hasta un instalador gráfico. Su última versión fue liberada la semana pasada e incluye un Kernel, XFCE 4.6.1, Firefox 3.0.10, GIMP 2.6.6, […]

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