Archiso-live 20090513 Release

Changes since last release:

* Still using the older dhcpcd 4.0.12 since the current dhcpcd in extra repo is have problems.

Everything is up2date has of 11:00 AM EST on 20090513.

root password is ArchLinux

arch password is arch

Here is the iso, md5, and package list.

Package changes are here.


~ by godane on May 13, 2009.

5 Responses to “Archiso-live 20090513 Release”

  1. Hello,
    I have downloaded the latest release and burn a CD.
    After login as ROOT and STARTXFCE4 I get an error. The file XORG.CONF dont work. There is a error-message for SCREEN.
    what can I do?

    • 1. What graphic card do you have? I think xorg.conf file may not work sometimes. Mostly on intel drivers i heard of problems like this. You may want to try safe graphic mode to see if that solves it.

      2. There is no command line installer for archiso-live. I believe there is aif installed but thats for official live cd systems that have packages in a preset path. Sorry.

  2. Can I install ArchLive with a coomand from Command prompt?

  3. I have a comment to make – this distro can be great if three things can be done:
    1. keep the size to under 100mb (similar to Slitaz/PuppyLinux). Please note that when I say this, I mean a minimal graphical distro – not just a command prompt. That is the reason why Slitaz is so popular or also the excellent xPud ( based on a firefox GUI!

    2. Great package management – since you already have pacman, I think you are already covered here.

    3. A creation environment like Slitaz’s tazlito which allows the community to jump in for development. All too frequently, people forget that it is hard for other people to come to the same level of knowledge as you, so building tools like tazlito eases that gap.

    Best of luck ! I am watching slitaz, you and xpud

  4. I would like to see Arch + XFCE with only the necessary apps
    to make the user happy. Distro should be >= 700 MB and must
    have wireless connection capabilities OOTB. It would be some
    really nice like Zenwalk and I think this would attract even
    more users. I really want to test Arch but I wish to see
    a small solution available.


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