Archiso-live 20090324 Release

Changes since last release:

* Xfce is default desktop now. I added most of the xfce settings in wolvix 2.00 beta 1.

* Added most of the command line tools from chaox-ng so there some pentesting in it now. I don’t think injection will work since I would have to use a custom kernel for that.

* The new catalyst 9.4 driver is in this release. The chakra-xakra will autoconfig the driver you would need for 3d support. There is only catalyst and the latest nvidia driver. There is no nvidia 173xx or 96xx drivers in livecd. If you have problems with the xakra script then use failsafe.

* Added ogmrip so you can rip dvds now.

* Added homebank for banking software if needed.

* Everything is up to date as of 4:00PM EST on 20090324.

root password is ArchLinux

arch password is arch

Here is the iso, md5, and package list.

Packages changes are here.


~ by godane on March 25, 2009.

6 Responses to “Archiso-live 20090324 Release”

  1. Installed this via Unetbootin on a 1G USB stick which I am using right now via wireless for this message, worked first time no worries, unlike some distros I could name … yes, you Dreamlinux and Sidux and PCLinuxOS. Also booted on ThinkPad R51 which was having X troubles with recent editions of archiso-live. Still struggling to use wicd with any desktop other than lxde and xfce . . . it is running, but I can’t see any way to make it accessible to the user via the gui. Thanks for your work.

  2. Hey godane,can u tell me how to make archlive which can boot from harddisk? i ddnt have a cdrom, and also cant boot from usb…

  3. title Archiso-live XFCE Desktop
    find –set-root /archiso-live/livecd.sgn
    kernel /boot/vmlinuz
    initrd=/boot/archlive.img elevator=deadline lang=en_US keyb=us session=xfce load=overlay usbdelay=5

    *Loading modules:
    Cannot read module data. Corrupted download?
    Cannot read module data. Corrupted download?
    Cannot read module data. Corrupted download?
    Cannot read module data. Corrupted download?
    *->base /a.004_APPS.lzm
    *->base /a.005_Devel.lzm
    *->base /ap.006_Xlibs.lzm
    *->base /ap.007_Xapps.lzm
    *->base /ap.008_Xfce.lzm
    *->base /ap.009_E17svn.lzm
    Cannot read module data.corrupted download?
    *-> modules/video-drivers.lzm
    *Copying content of rootcopy directory
    *Copying liblinuxlive library to union
    *Recreating /dtc/fastab and /mnt directories
    *changing root directory…
    Fatal error occured – can’t find executable chroot command
    *Something went wrong and we can’t continue . This should never happen.
    *Please reboot your computer……
    ash:can’t access tty : job
    control turned off.

    how should i do ?

    • 1. Its saying you have corrupted modules so the iso could have to wrong md5sum. Check if the md5sum is the same has mine. If not then you have to re-download the iso.
      2. I don’t know what this ‘find –set-root /archiso-live/livecd.sgn’ is since i don’t have it in my syslinux.cfg file. This could be what is screwing it up.

  4. title Boot archiso-live Lxde Desktop
    root (hd0,0)
    find –set-root /boot/archlive.img
    kernel /boot/vmlinuz elevator=deadline ramdisk_size=60% aufs nonfree=no vga=791
    initrd /boot/archlive.img

    its really work.but i cant get in arch linux
    Arch Linux 2.6.28-ARCH (myhost) (vc/1)
    myhost login:

    i use arch,and possword is arch… its incorrect
    i cant get in …
    what should i do ?

    • This is cause you don’t have load=overlay. Overlay is a optional module so it would be loaded last in order.

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