Archiso-live 20090103 Release

Changes since last release:

* Added kernel 2.6.28 to iso. Along with all the kernel related tools also.

* Moved virtualbox-ose to unsupported cause i build it.

* Added xfburn, shaman, and archassistant.

* Commented out larch repo for not working anymore. But larch packages are in iso. Just going to have to add them to my archiso-live repo.

Here is the iso, md5, and modules package list.

root password is ArchLinux

arch password is arch

Iso is up to date has of 20090103 at 1:00PM EST.


~ by godane on January 3, 2009.

7 Responses to “Archiso-live 20090103 Release”

  1. Got the latest iso, but problem with starting X Window during boot of live CD 😦 ‘Error opening display!’ Slim tries to start repeatedly until shutting down for 5 minutes, too much respawning. Was able to boot in safe mode. Fail with normal boot to start lxde, fluxbox and gnome, same symptoms. System does allow login at cli. Dmesg says ‘slim segfault at 530 ip … error 4 in [some output omitted] ThinkPad R51 with Intel grfx VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 82852/855GM Integrated Graphics Device
    Boots normally with lxde default on ThinkPad T23 with SuperSavage chip. No problems of this nature with previous versions of your live Arch. Hope this info is useful. Thanks very much for your work by the way.

    • The ‘error opening display’ message is always there. That shouldn’t be a problem cause i have it on my version and it still works fine.

      Slim shouldn’t give you problems on boot because its supposed to boot into lxde as arch user. This could be my auto config for x11 thats causing the problem. I know that some else had the same problem intel based drivers. I can tell you that the intel-dri was up dated on 12/21/08. So it could be that only if you didn’t use archiso-live 20081223 but if you have no problems with that archiso-live too then it maybe the kernel. I just don’t know for sure.

      The release that fail safe works is cause it disables auto configing x11. The boot option is noxconf. You can noxconf to any of the boot options and will fix your problem. Or just use fail safe mode like you have been on intel based graphics chipset computers.

  2. Last version I had was 20081207. No problems there with X startup. It seems from what you say that trouble may begin with 1223 edition? Would it be a good idea to revert to intel-dri that worked OK in the meantime? I was running in failsafe lxde last night when the screen froze, had to turn the machine off as couldn’t get any response from system. Using earlier versions I never encountered this.

    Separate issue with wireless, and wicd. wicd starts at boot and is usable in gui with lxde. However with other desktops, wicd is running but I haven’t found a way to access it via gui. In gnome for example, can’t see a way to make wicd window appear on screen to enter settings for wpa. My workround has been to boot default lxde, get wireless up, then logout/login to gnome with wireless connection established. Am I missing something here, ie how to use wicd when booting direct to gnome (and other desktops)?

    • You normally can get to the gui by menu->internet->wicd. I don’t use gnome so i don’t know if menu will be the same.

      Also wicd does have icon on the bottom panel xfce, so it maybe on the top panel in gnome on the lift. But i’m not sure right at the moment since i’m on windows right now. Sorry.

  3. Tried 20090103 with ThinkPad Z60m, Intel 915GM graphics, booted normally. So perhaps dri issue is not with all Intel video models. However KDE desktop wouldn’t start, went thru normal process of displaying icons at launch, but dropped back to slim login gui. All other desktops start OK. I think from memory I observed this problem with KDE in earlier versions of arch-live.

    On the wicd front, yes XFCE does show icon so it is possible to configure encryption in gui window. This doesn’t seem to be the case for other desktops however. Nothing shows up in Gnome for example as far as I can see. However there is the workround I mentioned 🙂

    Sorry if I haven’t read the fine manual closely enough, but is there a boot option for booting in RAM with arch-live?

    • There is no way to boot in to ram at the moment. This is mostly cause the original archiso scripts where made to only have archlive.sqfs for a module.

      I will have look at doing though. I may also plan on fixing the virtual console problem since I have been doing a halfass hack to get in auto in to arch user. This only cause i didn’t want to use sed command cause i was afraid i will screw things up with the /etc/init file.

  4. Back again with an afterthought – your live CDs don’t seem to pick up and use a swap partition where present on a system. Most live CDs have this feature nowadays. Any chance of implementing this in arch-live? Of course one can enable swap, but it means having to work out where the swap is located (not always easy to recall among several systems with different partitioning schemes ;-)). Perhaps a nicety, but useful. Slax for example finds a swap partition if I recall correctly.

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