Archiso-live repo

I made a package repo for the custom packages i have on my hard drive.

Added the below text to your pacman.conf file in etc folder.

Server =

NOTE: Its best to added it before core or testing repo. This is so my custom packages can be installed no matter what.

packages in repo:

* mixxx 1.6.1, virtualbox-modules 2.1.0, virtualbox-ose 2.1.0, aufs 20081225, aufs-utils 20081225, xbmc 8.10, unetbootin 304, sqlzma 3.4, sqlzma-tools 3.4, pacbuilder-svn 133, yaourt 0.9.1, gtkpacman-svn 217, singularity-base 0.28, and tre (dep for xbmc).

This is only a i686 repo. I don’t think i will make a x86_64 since i don’t make x86_64 livecds.

I hope this helps everyone.

PS: I do have a amd 3200+ 64-bit cpu by the way. I just don’t have a reason to use a 64-bit os.


~ by godane on December 26, 2008.

2 Responses to “Archiso-live repo”

  1. Thanks, I hope You never stop developing Arch Live 🙂

  2. Could You add in default configuration Shaman – GUI for Pacmana and Arxin – GUI for editing /etc/rc.conf?

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