Adding sqlzma support to archiso-live

I’m adding in sqlzma (squashfs with lzma) to archiso-live. I fould out how to make it work thanks to jenps chaox-ng-livecd project. He had some PKGBUILDs on sqlzma and sqlzma-tools. I just copy fs/squashfs folder and made it into a tar named squashfs-lzma.tar.bz2. This was based on squashfs patch with lzma from kernel26slax he had at the time.

I think a offical one can be made if /usr/src/linux-$kver/fs/squashfs is added to kernel26. This is cause i copy /usr/src/linux-$kver to ${startdir}/src so all the building is in ${startdir}/src. I think from there i could patch squashfs with lzma. This will save me time from having to install a kernel to get the squashfs patch to work corrently. Of course this will only be of new kernels then 2.6.27.

You can get it sqlzma and sqlzma-tools here.

RSS FEED NOTE: There was a bug in the rss feed on all wordpress blogs. This made all wordpress blogs on just have the blog name. Not the name of the post. I found out the reason was cause of </media:content>. I used feed vaildator to find that out.


~ by godane on December 11, 2008.

2 Responses to “Adding sqlzma support to archiso-live”

  1. I am trying to use the archlive 1207, every time I get to choosing the partitions the installer fails. Is there a way to chroot into the drive I want to install this on and use an updgraded(or downgraded) installer?

    • You have to use gparted to make the partitions. This is cause the installer doesn’t like doing partitions for some reason. Also I have the same problem you have having so I lucky know what your talking about.

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