Archiso-live 20081207 Release

Changes since last release:

* removed blender and kino

* Got elisa working again with my own build of it.

* Added p7zip, unetbootin, and singularity-base (game). NOTE: Unetbootin is used to ‘burn’ iso’s to usb sticks. This will make it easier to make usb sticks onto usb. You have to type in ‘sudo unetbootin’ in terminal (without quote) to get it. After that your just using a gui app.

* I re-modular the archiso-live design. Its not has modular like last week where you could remove any desktop like awesome or icewm.  I decide to have to have xorg modular have all the smaller wms cause it will setup load time that way. Most of the better apps are in 007_xapps now. Before there were package modules.

You can get the iso and package list here.

root password is ArchLinux

arch password is arch

Update on 20081207 at 9:00 PM EST.


~ by godane on December 8, 2008.

5 Responses to “Archiso-live 20081207 Release”

  1. Hi, Archiso-Live looks a great project!

    I have some doubts before try it, if you could answer please:

    1 – There is the wvdial app on Archiso-Live? I need it to have Internet, or a app similar to that one.

    2 – You use a Arch kernel on Archiso-Live?

  2. 1. wvdial app is not in archiso-live. Sorry about that.

    2. yes. Archiso-live is a pure archlinux system.

  3. Thanks for reply godane :]

    Hmmm, i think i can put the wvdial.pkg.tar.gz and it’s dependencies on a Pen Drive and install it on Archiso-Live with pacman -U, what you think? May work?

  4. Thanks :]

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