Archiso-live 20081118 Release

I’m using Archiso-live profile again. I decide this since a lot of people like having all desktops there so they can choose what they want.

Changes since last release:

* Made the all desktops has modules. This is so with isomaster you can remove the desktop you don’t want. (NOTE:  Only remove modules in modules/extras folder. You also remove the desktop like modules too if you know what your doing. )

* Added kde, gnome, and fluxbox to the boot menu.

* Added in luser so you can added users into system easier. (Root password is ArchLinux)

* Made most of the packages in 003_base_apps has modules. Also merge what was left into 001_xorg.

* Change the name of 003_base_libs to 006_xlibs since most of the base libs are in 001_xorg now.

* Added it initrd ext2 filesystem on iso. This is so i can do a mount -o move with /tmpfs to /mnt/live/memory/changes. (NOTE: Cause i did that the mounts for building the livcd are in /mnt/live/memory/changes/mnt/loop*. These are just loops in initramfs. Not the modular mounts that are nomally in /mnt/live/memory/images folder.)

You can get the iso here.


~ by godane on November 19, 2008.

2 Responses to “Archiso-live 20081118 Release”

  1. Just to say thank you, we appreciate your work!

  2. Yes…very great !!!!!!!

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