Arch-Mini 20081112 Release

Changes since last released:

Added zsh, miro, blender, kino, gtk-recordmydesktop, gpodder, vlc, and deps for most games.

Merged devel module in with archlive module so things can be compiled no matter what.

I maded most of the bigger packages that have no dep modules. (ex. miro, kino, gimp, etc.)

Updated on 9:00 PM EST on 20081112.

You can get the iso here. The iso is 535.1mb in size.


~ by godane on November 13, 2008.

5 Responses to “Arch-Mini 20081112 Release”

  1. Hello godane,

    Downloaded your latest mini iso, ran it live,installed it ,everything looks fine only one thing.

    you have to adopt a clear approach for setting up passwords for live and then installed system.

    when i installed the mini iso, the system would still boot as archlive with username arch and password arch.

    but to manage system it refused to accept either ‘ArchLinux” password or the one i set during installation. so practically i cant add/remove anything from my system.

  2. Hey godane,
    The new iso worked realy well but there is a problem too:

    Problem: Wireless network is down and I can’t get it working. I suspect some little crucial file or setting is missing. But I don’t know what. In rc.conf there is no mention of wlan0 and there used to be. I tried adding it in and configure the network deamon but could not get it to work. It ended in errors saying this doesn’t exsist and that is down.

    For the rest:
    bootmessages: fixed
    pcmanfs mounting: fixed
    network boottime: fixed
    homepage: fixed
    sudo: fixed
    modular system: great!
    request: The packagelists for each module.

  3. awesome job, i have some minor problems tho. the autopartion feature on the hdd install crash on virtualbox harddrive, and when i logout on a e17 session, it send me to a lxde session.
    thanks for a easy way to install arch 🙂

  4. It’s getting better ad better, but this version puts me in stress.

    I tried to install it insted of Ubuntu 7.04, I set installer to take partitions used previously by Ubuntu. Everythings fine till installer need to mount them, but it can’t. I did try few times, all with the same resoults, installer fails to mount two fresh formatted partition ext3.

  5. @GrzegorzjZD

    I have only tested this livecd to work in only ext2. I don’t know why it will not mount your ext3 partitions but you can mount them youself if you have to.

    In shell:
    mount /dev/sda1

    This will mount /dev/sda1 for you. You can also post another comment with the log of larchin so i can see what is wrong.

    @ pisuicas

    Its better to use gparted and not the autopartition feature in the installer. Make sure you make it have boot flag so you boot from it.

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