Archiso-live 20080831 Release

Changes since 20080823 release:
frozen-bubble dropped due to size

added blobwars, crack-attack, and zsnes

Archiso-live now auto login’s in to arch user. The default desktop is lxde.

There is also a boot option called session to over ride the default desktop.

Desktops that can be used:

I also added slax2hd back in. Its under /root folder.

You can get the iso here.


~ by godane on September 1, 2008.

One Response to “Archiso-live 20080831 Release”

  1. Hello,

    I always wanted to try Arch Linux but since I am not good with command line so I was scared to ever give a try to Arch Linux.

    I read about your Live version of Arch and I am downloding the latest released iso.

    I have 2 queries at present.

    1: can it be installed to hard disk? and how?

    2: can i further customize it according to my own demands and make another remaster iso from my installed system? and how?



    Dr.Saleem Khan

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