Archiso-live 20080814 Release

Changes since 20080807:
added a fix changes boot option meaning you can only use changes on ext2 partition or ext2 format usb stick. A folder name changes is used for this.

added rootcopy to hooks in initramfs image. Norootcopy boot option is there too.

The archlive.sqfs file is the main module image now. This release is not has modular cause of pacman -S -e being dropped. The only real reason i don’t have a major probelm with this is cause making the modules doesn’t take long with plain gzip squashfs.

Lxde is the main desktop for now. I decide this to see if people like it better.

Desktops removed/missing:

packages removed/missing:


You can get the iso here.


~ by godane on August 15, 2008.

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