Arch-live 20080706 release

I’m updating arch-live cause I got linux-live to work with initramfs now. I think everything is working but I have not checked out changes boot option. Also I have updated everything to 20080706 in iso. The only thing I didn’t updated is xf86-video-vesa driver. Its cause the new 2.0.0 vesa driver cause virtualbox not work with it.

I have also updated the kernel to I’m using my new kernel26slax package in aur now. Aufs is also updated since I’m compiling againist the kernel for it to work now. The lastest devel package is also in iso under devel folder of the iso.

I move cups from 02-apps.lzm to 03-xorg.lzm because its not need for the arch core live menu option to work. libcups is staying in 02-apps.lzm cause it maybe need by some command line programs. 02-apps.lzm module is now 6mb less without cups in it.

You can get the iso here.

It will be done uploading at 1:30am EST time.


~ by godane on July 7, 2008.

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