What i have been doing the last 5 months

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Sorry for not post a new iso in the last 5 months. I’m still working on slitaz-tank. I even have access to offical cookutils repo now. I keep most have my major changes in slitaz-tank branch there so i don’t break everything.

I have also being archiving stuff  and uploading it to archive.org. Stuff like crankygeeks, DL.TV, and old techtv shows.

my techtv archive list here:



NOTE: This one below was only found on newsbin.





So i have been very busy trying make sure these videos are not lost. I uploaded the full crankygeeks podcast to archive.org and that was about 30gb. DL.TV i’m only up to episode 22 and that maybe another 48gb before thats complete.

If you want to make a donate to support me keep doing this it would be great.

slitaz-tank 2012-01-24 release

•January 24, 2012 • 8 Comments

Its been 4 months since i last release a iso. Here is my torrent iso: http://people.slitaz.org/~godane/slitaz-tank-2012-01-24.torrent

Iso is 367mb. Kernel is update to 3.2.1. Also of other updates are in iso also. I sadly don’t know all of them.

root password is root
tux password is tux

Login in as root and use local-mirror on in command line to use my local mirror sites. I added support for piratebox.lan these last few days.

I hope this helps.

PS Please download and seed this. Heck I don’t even know if deluge is going to willing to seed so please hang in there.

slitaz tank 20110916 release

•September 16, 2011 • 11 Comments

I’m sorry i have not been releasing iso’s in the last 6 months. I have been developing my-cookutils and doing my own updates in wok-tank.

I had to sort of do my own fork of slitaz for a lot of reasons. Mostly to fix bugs with depend problems and to update it. I have 647 updates in wok-tank cooking branch against official wok. So i will have to release full slitaz-tank sometime in the next 2 weeks. This is more of a preview of the live part of slitaz-tank.

101 on local-mirror script:
I have made a local-mirror script to make it easy to setup local-mirror of most of slitaz websites. To start login as root in shell. Then type this:
local-mirror on
Now: ping -c 3 slitaz.org
The ping part will tell you slitaz.org has a ip This is local loop ip. So now your running your own version of slitaz.org.

To turn off local-mirror do this:
local-mirror off

There are other websites also mirrored too. Like i have my fake linux from scratch website. The url for that is lfs.slitaz.org.

To know all the sites that are mirrored check /etc/local-mirror.conf file for ADDRESS variable. Or /etc/hosts file when your running it.

You may have to click the background when you see black screen. The locale gui may not come up until you do that.

root password is root
tux password is NULL (as in there is no password)

Full wok-tank cooking branch vs official wok update list.

Here is the iso and md5.

Here is the install list.

I now have a donate button

•June 2, 2011 • 5 Comments

I finally have a donate button. Also I’m only working the slitaz source dvd right now. I sadly don’t have time for archiso-live anymore. I also know i can never make archlinux source iso since it would be like about or over 25gb. Even if it was recompress as .tar.lzma.

I hope to have slitaz source iso out later this week but that is not in stone. It takes alot of work making full source dvd for offline usage and to make it into livedvd server for local lan too. Here is what i’m working on now a days:

my-cookutils: The more powerfull fork of cookutils for slitaz source dvd.

Slitaz-modular scripts for build livecd like archiso-live scripts did:

I hope this helps explain what i’m doing now.

Slitaz Core 20110329 Release

•March 30, 2011 • 10 Comments

Hello everyone

Its been a long time coming but I’m finally going to release my slitaz iso. There are alot of things added to this iso that make it different. This is also the first mirror iso. This iso doesn’t have sources or packages in it cause it would talk to long upload or download. But it does have local-mirror script and repos for making the slitaz websites locally.

To turn local-mirror on in root type ‘local-mirror on’. By default it will use the local host ip for the websites. You can go to lfs.slitaz.org to test if its working since that domain name doesn’t exist on the net. Thats also the linux from scratch html book. Figure it will help with building packages.

local-mirror off will turn the local mirrors off. Make sure to exit web browser before doing this or you may still get the local mirror sites.

I also have a tank-only and mirror-only option. You can also use these sites on local lan by change the IP_ADDR variable to your network ip. There is also ROUTER_IP variable if your router ip is not so you can change it.

I have add dnsmasq support into iso for local-mirror. dnsmasq -d will allow you to see if your computer is pushing the websites on to the local lan right. You will have to add this to /etc/resolv.conf:

search slitaz.lan

domain slitaz.lan

nameserver $IP_ADDR

The $IP_ADDR in /etc/resolv.conf and /etc/local-mirror.conf should be the same ip.

I hope this explains the new local-mirror script.

root password is root

tux password is tux * I think tux doesn’t have a password anymore but I’m putting it here if find out it does.

Here is the iso, md5 and packages list.

Happy Hacking!

Time flys when working on mirror iso

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As the suggests i been working on a mirror iso. I have been doing this iso and also working on slitaz wok for the past mouth and a half. Sorry for not reply lately.

This mirror iso for slitaz is going to be mirror of tank for local lan. The idea is for a off-line resource for developers that may have low bandwidth caps. It will also allow for a local slitaz repo packages and src mirror for local lan and maybe boot with epxe if done right.

Most of my problem is that i can’t get the address out to the local lan right at the moment. I may have to use bind’s named command to get this done. Info on doing your own dns here.

I also would like to add lot of documentation in packages to slitaz repos so i can make local lan websites out of them maybe.  I have done this to the linux from scratch html docs for slitaz so far.

I hope this helps with what want to know i’m doing. I do plan on releasing small slitaz mirror iso for you guys to see what it can do soon.

Got a new quad core computer

•February 20, 2011 • 5 Comments

I finally got a new quad core computer. Be playing with it for a week and half now. This will allow me to make slitaz sources dvd now. You can look at what i got here. I got when it was $450.

But here is the new slitaz packages and sources i have been building:

Packages here below:


Sources here below:


I hope enjoy this until i release another slitaz iso this week.

I got a celeron-d running

•January 16, 2011 • 3 Comments

I have a celeron-d dell desktop running now. (Thanks to Fred Potter, who since it to me.) This means i can at least make slitaz iso and updates to slitaz.This is only cause slitaz is better on a celeron-d with 512mb of ram.

Since archiso-live had 4 months break between the last 2 releases this shouldn’t cause much of a problem.  I hope to have a new desktop by then. I plan on get this one here. There are a lot good reviews on it.

Also the isos are hosted on a friend’s account. He was willing to give my host have sourceforge killed my hosting with them. The isos will still be available.

The problem with my (died) main computer:

The problem i had with my main computer (the one that died) was the power button was not working. Try clean it but that didn’t work. Try adding new power supply. I trying too hard and bent some thing on the motherboard. I also couldn’t get that damn power supply out without remove everything.

Since i disconnect most the power lines and most likely damaged the motherboard. I will not trust this system anymore. I think it will be better in get a new system since the price to fix these problem could cause like half of what a new system will cost.

I hope this explained my problem better.

My computer is dead

•January 13, 2011 • 5 Comments

My computer died on monday. This means the project can’t be continued for the moment. Thanks to all those that used my projects.

The only way to speed this up is though donation. But i don’t i have a pay pal account to help with this.  So that may not happen.

Anyways i hope this explains my problem with continuing this project. Best of luck to everyone out there.

PS I’m writing this from a acer one.

Archiso-live 20110104 Release

•January 5, 2011 • 11 Comments

I’m back on archlinux for the moment.

Here are the changes since last release:

* Added support for xz into kernel. So now squashfs+xz is supported instead of squashfs+lzma. You should be able to use unsquashfs to uncompress any lzma modules you may have.

* Go here if you want to use virtualbox.

Updated on around 11:55PM EST time on 20110104.

Here is the iso, md5, and package list.

Package changes here.